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This is a list of businesses within Knox Country in Project Zomboid.

Retail & Stores

Business Type Location(s)
Awl Work and Sew Play Arts & Crafts Crossroads Mall
Barg-N-Clothes Clothing Store Dixie
Book Naked Book Store Rosewood, Valley Station
Cally's Gifts Gift Store Crossroads Mall
E.P. Tools Hardware Store Farmland
Enigma Books Book Store West Point, Riverside
Family Fashion Clothing Store Muldraugh, March Ridge
Farming & Rural Supply Hardware Store/Gun Store Farmland
FashionaBelle Clothing Store Rosewood, Crossroads Mall
Food Market Supermarket Muldraugh, Dixie, West Point, March Ridge, Valley Station, Farmland
GigaMart Supermarket West Point, Rosewood, Riverside
Greene's Grocery Organic Food Market Muldraugh
Guns & Ammo Gun Store West Point
Hugo Plush Clothing Store Riverside, Crossroads Mall
Lola Limon Clothing Store Riverside, Crossroads Mall
Nolan's Used Cars Vehicle Dealership Dixie
Optima Eyes Optometrist Crossroads Mall
Pharmahug Pharmacy West Point, March Ridge, Riverside, Crossroads Mall
Saucy Clothing Store Riverside, Crossroads Mall
Seat Yourself Furniture Furniture Store Riverside, Crossroads Mall
Sheba Jewellers Jewellery Store Riverside, Crossroads Mall
Shoed For the Stars Clothing Store Crossroads Mall
Time 4 Sport Clothing Store Riverside, Crossroads Mall
Toyz Toy Store Crossroads Mall
West Point Gun Range and Hunting Center Gun Store West Point
Zippee Market Convenience Store Muldraugh, West Point, Rosewood, Crossroads Mall


Business Type Location(s)
Dixie Mobile Park Mobile Home Park Riverside
Guns-a-BlazInn Hotel/Motel Valley Station
Riverside Suites Hotel/Motel Riverside
Scenic Grove Mobile Home Park Mobile Home Park Riverside


Business Type Location(s)
Premium Technologies Appliances Riverside
Toys-R-Mine Toys Valley Station
ValuTech Appliances Riverside


Business Type Location(s)
Drag Racing Hobby Valley Station
Knob Creek Hunting Hobby Valley Station
Pony Roam-O Hobby Farmland
Star-E-Plex Cinema Hobby Crossroads Mall


Business Type Location(s)
Adult Education Center Education Muldraugh
Bail Bonds Law Firm Muldraugh, Rosewood
Carton & Sydney Law Services Law Firm Crossroads Mall
Cortman Medical Medical Muldraugh
Dentistry Medical West Point
Family Medical Center Medical March Ridge
H. Smith Attorney Law Firm Muldraugh
Knox Bank Bank West Point, March Ridge, Riverside
Knox Telecommunication Telecommunication Knox Country
Legal Services Law Firm Muldraugh, Rosewood
March Ridge Community Center Community Center March Ridge
Muldraugh Elementary Education Muldraugh
Palm Travel Travel Agency Rosewood, Riverside, Crossroads Mall
Postal Service Education West Point, March Ridge, Riverside
Rosewood Medical Medical Rosewood
Rosewood Prison Complex Prison Rosewood
Valu-Insurance Insurance Muldraugh, Dixie, West Point, March Ridge, Rosewood, Riverside, Farmland


Business Type Location(s)
McCoy Logging Co. Industrial Muldraugh
T.I.S. Construction Construction Muldraugh

Hair & Beauty

Business Type Location(s)
Groovy Chic Hair & Beauty Crossroads Mall
Hair Genesis Hair & Beauty West Point, Riverside
Haircuts n' More Hair & Beauty Rosewood
Tattoo 42 Tattoo Parlor Muldraugh


Business Type Location(s)
Fossoil Filling Station Muldraugh, West Point, Rosewood, Riverside
Gas 2 Go Filling Station Muldraugh, Dixie, Crossroads Mall
Laundromat Laundromat Muldraugh, Dixie, West Point, March Ridge, Rosewood, Riverside, Farmland
Thunder Gas Filling Station West Point

Food & Drink

Business Type Location(s)
Bakery Bakery Muldraugh, West Point, March Ridge
Buffet Restaurant Muldraugh, Rosewood
Burgers Restaurant Muldraugh, West Point, Riverside, Valley Station, Farmland
Cafe Coffee Shop Muldraugh, Valley Station
Churns-R-Us Ice-Cream Parlor Riverside, Crossroads Mall
Diner Restaurant Muldraugh, Dixie, Riverside, Farmland
I Love Wok & Rolls Fast Food Crossroads Mall
Jolly Good Fish & Chips Fast Food Crossroads Mall
Mama McFudgington's Bakery Rosewood, Riverside, Crossroads Mall
Mendy's Eatery Restaurant West Point, March Ridge
Pile o' Crepe Restaurant Muldraugh, Riverside, Crossroads Mall
Pizza Whirled Fast Food Muldraugh, West Point, Rosewood, Crossroads Mall
Pop Beverage N/A
Seahorse Coffee Coffee Shop West Point, March Ridge, Crossroads Mall
Slurp Burp Beverage N/A
Spiffo's Fast Food Muldraugh, Dixie, West Point, Rosewood, Riverside, Crossroads Mall
The Drake Bar West Point
Taco del Pancho Fast Food Crossroads Mall
The Rusty Rifle Bar Muldraugh
Twiggy's Bar West Point
Yummmers Restaurant Crossroads Mall


Business Type Location(s)
Hitz FM Radio Station N/A
KnoxTalk Radio Radio Station N/A
LBMW - Kentucky Radio Radio Station Louisville
Life and Living TV TV Channel N/A
NNR Radio Radio Station N/A
PAWS TV TV Channel N/A
Triple-N TV Channel N/A
TURBO TV Channel N/A
WBLN News TV Channel N/A

Vehicle Manufacturers

Business Type Location(s)
Chevalier Auto Manufacturer N/A
Dash Auto Manufacturer N/A
Franklin Auto Manufacturer N/A
Masterson Auto Manufacturer N/A
Mercia Auto Manufacturer N/A


Business Type Location(s)
Incontileve Pharmaceutical N/A
Ivanov Sport Equipment N/A
Kitten Utensil Manufacturer N/A
Tooks Toys N/A