Car Battery Charger

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Car Battery Charger
Car Battery Charger
Category Item
Heavy Load
Function Recharge Car Battery
Technical details
Base ID Base.CarBatteryCharger

A car battery charger is an electrical item used in vehicle mechanics.


A car battery charger is used to recharge a car battery. To do so, the car battery must be removed from the vehicle and in the player's main inventory, then the player must ensure they're standing on a powered tile, upon right-clicking the car battery or car battery charger, the option "Charge car battery" will appear.

Note that the car battery's condition and remaining charge are different. The car battery charger will not improve the condition of a car battery.

Changes in build 40

Car battery charger needs to be placed on the ground, ensuring it's on a powered tile, then interacted with using the context menu.


Can be found in gas stations, sheds, garages, or vehicle trunk.


From vehiclesitems.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/vehicles)

Version 40.30
	item CarBatteryCharger
		Weight		= 2,
		Type		= Normal,
		DisplayName	= Car Battery Charger,
		Icon		= CarBatteryCharger,
		MetalValue 	= 1,

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