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Car Key
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Unlock and start vehicle
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Car keys will only grant access to a specific vehicle. They are required to start the engine, unlock doors, unlock the trunk and use the accessories on the dashboard.


When attempting to use a car key, the player needs to be in the proximity of the vehicle the key belongs to. Since the player is not required to have the key equipped in order to use it, the player can keep the key in their key ring to reduce clutter in their inventory.

Car keys can be found in the following places:

  • On the ground in parking lots near the vehicle.
  • Inside storage containers in nearby houses.
  • Inside the vehicle in the ignition and glove box.
  • On the body of a zombie nearby.

A key icon will appear over the character if they are in close proximity to the vehicle while possessing its key, indicating that it can be accessed and driven. To do so, press E or use the vehicle control with V.

Player has the vehicle's key

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