Car Key

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Car Key
Car Key
Category Tools
Function Open and turn on vehicle
Technical details
Base ID Base.CarKey


Car keys will only grant access to a specific vehicle. They are required to start the engine, unlock doors, unlock the trunk and use the accessories on the dashboard.


When finding a key it is not necessary to equip it, just to be in the proximity of vehicle to which it belongs.

They can be found:

  • On the ground in parking lots near the vehicle.
  • Inside storage containers in nearby houses.
  • Inside the vehicle in the ignition, glove box and car set.
  • On the body of a zombie nearby.

A key icon will appear over your character if they are in close proximity to the vehicle while possessing its key. This indicates that it can be accessed and driven. To do so, press the E key or use the vehicle control with the V key.

Player has the vehicle's key

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