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Car Seat
Category Item
Function Seat player
Store items
Required tool Screwdriver
Standard Seat
Heavy Load
15 Standard
15 Heavy-Duty
15 Sport
Capacity 20 Standard
20 Heavy-Duty
20 Sport
Chance damaged 70%
Big Seat
Heavy Load
20 Standard
20 Heavy-Duty
20 Sport
Capacity 30 Standard
30 Heavy-Duty
30 Sport
Chance damaged 50%
Sports Seat
Heavy Load
10 Standard
10 Heavy-Duty
10 Sport
Capacity 10 Standard
10 Heavy-Duty
10 Sport
Chance damaged 30%
Technical details
Item ID Item IDs

A car seat is an item forming part of a vehicle, and can be found in three different sizes, standard, big and sports. It is not possible to drive a vehicle without a driver seat.



Car seats are fitted into a vehicle to provide a place for players to sit or as storage space. Seats can be removed from a vehicle and still be driven, so long as the driver's seat is left in. This can reduce the vehicle's weight, increasing mileage and speed. However, it usually doesn't make a noticeable difference. Removing seats can also put the player in a dangerous situation if the vehicle gets surrounded by zombies, as removing seats also removes the ability to enter or exit via that door. It is also not possible to exit if there are any items at all occupying the seat's inventory, regardless of weight. Therefore, it is highly advised to only use the back seats as extra storage, and to keep the front passenger seat empty.

Big seats have increased storage capacity over the standard seats, and sports seats have less.

Each vehicle has a set number of maximum seats they can have.


Seats can be installed and removed with a Screwdriver at Mechanics level 2 without possibility of damage.

It is not possible to mix classes of car parts. For example, a heavy duty seat cannot be fitted into a sport vehicle. However, it is possible to mix types of seats, so long as they are in the same vehicle class. For example, a big seat type standard can be fitted into the back seats of a standard vehicle, and a sports seat type standard can be fitted into the driver seat of a standard vehicle.


Seats can be repaired once they are removed from a vehicle with the use of Duct Tape or Glue at Mechanics level 1.

Item IDs

Class name Vehicle type
Standard Seat Base.NormalCarSeat1 Standard
Base.NormalCarSeat2 Heavy-Duty
Base.NormalCarSeat3 Sport
Big Seat Base.BigCarSeat1 Standard
Base.BigCarSeat2 Heavy-Duty
Base.BigCarSeat3 Sport
Sports Seat Base.SportCarSeat1 Standard
Base.SportCarSeat2 Heavy-Duty
Base.SportCarSeat3 Sport

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