Car Window

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Car Window
Side Window
Category Item
Function Protects against zombies
Required tool Screwdriver
Weight 8.0
Chance damaged 20%
Side Window
Weight 3.0
Chance damaged 20%
Technical details
Base ID Item IDs
PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about vehicle windows. For building windows, see Window.

A car window is an item forming part of a vehicle, and can be found in four different variants, windshield, rear windshield, front window and rear window.


A windshield is fitted onto the front of a vehicle, rear windshield on the back, with front and rear windows on the side. Having a fitted car window will protect the player from zombie attacks, so long as the window isn't open. If a window sustains enough damage, it will eventually break, leaving the player susceptible to attacks.

Having car windows fitted in a multiplayer game prevents other players from accessing the vehicle and potentially hot-wiring it.

A car window can be smashed, allowing the player to open a locked car door though an alarm can be triggered.

Item IDs

Class name Vehicle type
Windshield Base.Windshield1 Standard
Base.Windshield2 Heavy-Duty
Base.Windshield3 Sport
Rear Windshield Base.RearWindshield1 Standard
Base.RearWindshield2 Heavy-Duty
Base.RearWindshield3 Sport
Front Window Base.FrontWindow1 Standard
Base.FrontWindow2 Heavy-Duty
Base.FrontWindow3 Sport
Rear Window Base.RearWindow1 Standard
Base.RearWindow2 Heavy-Duty
Base.RearWindow3 Sport

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