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Spiffo Carpentry.png
Spiffo trying to learn carpentry.

Carpentry is a skill allowing the player to board up the windows and doors of houses, construct their own furniture, or even build their own personalised house from scratch.

Becoming A Master Carpenter

Ever since that first plank was nailed to the window, carpentry has been an essential survival trait of any good zombie apocalypse. In Project Zomboid, the same is true in that it's a fairly crucial skill-set to have, and one that can make the difference between a safe house and a zombie buffet.

Step 1: Character Creation

During character creation, choosing an occupation and traits will provide the player with some skill levels, but it will also give an experience boost to that skill depending on the starting level. This bonus cannot be gained after the character is created, making this an important step in mastering any skill.
Starting Skill Level and Experience Boost

Level 0 - 25% (Default for all skills)
Level 1 - 75%
Level 2 - 100%
Level 3+ - 125%


Name Starting Points Major Skills Description Notes
Park Ranger
Park Ranger
-4 +1 Carpentry
+2 Foraging
+2 Trapping
N/A Ideal for any player looking to survive away from town and deep in the wilderness.
Construction Worker
Construction Worker
-2 +1 Carpentry
+3 Short Blunt
N/A Not the best choice for those willing to become a master carpenter but definitely dangerous wielding a hammer.
2 +3 Carpentry N/A The best option for someone wanting to master the carpentry skill, with a few extra points left over.
-4 +1 Carpentry
+2 Maintenance
N/A This one is for those wanting to make the most out of what they've got. A repairman will have better durability from his weapons and tools.
-4 +1 Carpentry
+1 Electrical
Can make traps and explosives. For anyone wanting to defend their safehouse with armed traps and explosives. The Engineer has a unique set of trap recipes that can't be learnt by anyone else.


Name Cost Description Notes
-8 +1 Carpentry
+1 Maintenance
Faster and stronger constructions.
Reduced time to finish constructions and +100hp to all constructions (not including frames or walls).

Step 2: Collecting Materials

The hammer is the main tool for building and barricading in Project Zomboid. Hammers can be found in many places including garages in homes. Other tools include the axe, saw and screwdriver.

Nails and wood planks are other common ingredients in many carpentry recipes. Nails are commonly found in the same places as hammers and other tools. Wood planks can be found, sawed from logs, or by dismantling furniture.

You need a combination of the Hammer/Saw or Hammer/Screwdriver to disassemble different wooden furniture. You can receive nails and planks up to the cost it takes to create the object. The amount of nails and planks is dependent on carpentry level, with lower levels getting a higher chance to get unusable wood instead of a plank.

Logs can be found or created by chopping down trees. Trees can be chopped down by any weapon but the axe is most efficient. By Right-Clicking on the saw or the logs, an option should appear saying "Saw Logs". This will break down the logs into the necessary wooden planks.

It's worth bearing in mind that be it dismantling furniture to scavenge wood and nails, or if it's out in the forest felling trees, it's all very noisy business indeed. You must keep your wits about you and check your surroundings regularly. Especially when cutting down trees as these can block you line of sight. It's easy to quickly become overburdened with logs and planks and the last thing you want is to be panicking as the hordes descend on you, but you're moving as slow as a snail nailed to the floor.

Remember! Proper Planning & Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

Step 3: The Building Menu

Right click the ground to bring up the context menu. When you have a hammer in your inventory, you will be able to browse the list of possible constructions. Be aware that while building your character will be making noise and any nearby zombies will begin wandering in your direction.
See more: Crafting/Carpentry

Right-click the ground to bring up the context menu. When you have a hammer in your inventory, you will be able to browse the list of possible constructions underneath the 'Carpentry' tab. The names will appear in red when you lack the necessary materials or required carpentry skill. Clicking on what you wish to build, a preview of the construction will appear. Position it where you want it to appear (rotate using R) and then click. Your character will automatically begin building.

Note that the player will need to have reached a certain carpentry level before being able to build some objects.

Multistage Building

With the release of build 35, multiple stage building was introduced. The process for building walls and windows now starts with constructing a wall frame and then upgrading it to a window or wall by right-clicking on the wall frame and selecting the appropriate upgrade. There are three levels of walls/windows, each requiring a higher carpentry level.

Wall/Window Level Carpentry Level
1 2
2 4
3 7

Walls/windows of level 1 or 2 can be upgraded to the next higher level at a cost of 1 plank and 4 nails. A level one wall could be upgraded to level 2, and then again to level 3.

Step 4: Level Up

Experience is gained in carpentry by building, sawing logs, or disassembling furniture. For characters with zero carpentry skill, sawing logs, building sturdy sticks, walls, and drawers, and disassembling objects like doors and tables are the only options to gain experience.

Reading carpentry skill books will increase the rate at which you gain carpentry skill by adding a multiplier to your skill increase after every construction you complete. These are usually found in bookshelves in most houses.

As you gain levels in carpentry, more constructions will become available and your character will build sturdier structures overall. The visual appearance of construction will change depending on the skill level of the creator at the time of construction. Higher-level carpenters generally make more professional-looking structures than beginning carpenters, with different names being attributed to them, for example "exceptional chair"

Step 5: Decorate

You can decorate your wooden walls, door frames and window frames using plaster and paint. First, you need to mix plaster in a bucket using Bag of Plaster Powder and water. When you have the bucket with plaster in your main inventory, right-click on the structure to plaster it. You can paint the plastered surface using a paint brush and paint.

Tips to level up Carpentry

Deconstructing beds and closets is a good way to level up Carpentry without needing to build a lot of stuff. Doing this will give a good amount of XP if you have read the books. You can visit hotels/motels for a good source of beds and closets.

The higher your Carpentry skill the more planks and nails you'll get from deconstructing these items.

Crafting spears is a good way to level up Carpentry at low levels, more so if you have read the Carpentry skill books. This method becomes less useful at higher levels, though.

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