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Melee weapons are much quieter than firearms and don't require any ammo. The downside to melee weapons is that the player must be dangerously close to the target and can cause them to become tired if they're used for an extended period of time. Both the blunt and bladed maintenance skill reduces the rate in which the weapon's durability is lost.

List of Melee Weapons


Bare Hands BaseballBat.png Crowbar.png FishingRod.png FishingRodBreak.png FishingRod crafted.png Pan.png Golfclub.png
Hammer.png HockeyStick.png Pipe.png Plank.png Poolcue.png RollingPin.png Sledgehammer.png TZ Shovel.png
BaseballBatNails.png PlankNail.png HammerStone.png StickSharpened.png


KnifeButter.png Fork.png HuntingKnife.png IcePick.png KnifeChopping.png LetterOpener.png Pen.png Pencil.png
Scissors.png Screwdriver.png Spoon.png


Axe.png AxeStone.png