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Chevalier D6
Chevalier D6
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Chevalier D6
Vehicle type
Engine power
Engine loudness
Glove box
Fire Dept.
McCoy Logging Co.
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The Chevalier D6 is a standard cab pickup truck found throughout Knox Country. It is a Heavy-Duty vehicle with high suspension, average engine power and decent traction, making it an excellent off-road vehicle when fitted with good tires.

It features a large trunk able to fit up to 110 units of weight, which is slightly less than the Dash Bulldriver. The trunk also does not have a lid, and can be accessed from anywhere next to the bed and even when the vehicle is locked. Items in the trunk have a very slight chance of falling from it. The Chevalier D6 trunk is much harder to damage than other vehicles, suggesting that it is considered to have a full condition trunk lid by the game.


Pros Cons
  • High trunk and total cargo capacity.
  • Can access the trunk from any direction, not just the tailgate.
  • Durable, especially the trunk
  • Second-lightest Heavy Duty vehicle in the game.
  • High ground clearance; can be driven over unpaved surfaces at higher speeds without damaging the gas tank, muffler, or suspension.
  • Police/firefighter variants come with a two-way radio installed.
  • Second-loudest engine in the game.
  • Second-lowest trunk and total cargo capacity of all Heavy Duty vehicles in the game.
  • Mid-range engine power and high weight compared to other vehicles (fire variant has higher engine power).
  • Only seats 2; not ideal for multiplayer co-op with more than 2 players.


The D6 stays true to the reputation of pickups as work vehicles. It is durable, reliable, can carry a large amount of cargo, and can handle off-road conditions well. While some other heavy-duty vehicles can be hard to find at times, there are many areas where a D6 is nearly guaranteed to spawn, and it seems to be the most common heavy-duty vehicle in general.

The only thing it struggles at is carrying people around. Unfortunately, it is not possible to ride in the bed of a D6, even if there is no cargo inside said bed. This might be changed in a future update.

Vehicle variants

Variant Body
Weight Engine
Power (hp)
Total Storage
(Seats + Trunk)
Chevalier D6.png

Chevalier D6

1300 400 55 110 130
Chevalier D6 Mccoy.png


1300 400 55 110 130
Chevalier D6 Fossoil.png


1300 400 55 110 130
Chevalier D6 Ranger.png


1300 400 55 110 130
Chevalier D6 Fire.png


1300 480 55 110 130

D6 trucks with emergency vehicle lights adorning their cabs can access their sirens within the vehicle radial menu V. Engaging the siren will attract zombies from very far away.

The Ranger and Fossoil variants have sirens, but do not have the increased engine power of the fire variant.

  • The muffler is randomized, adding or removing 20%.
  • The brakes are randomized, either Standard or Performance.
  • Often spawns with a big gas tank.

Loot distributions




McCoy Logging Co.

Vehicle IDs

Variant Base ID
Normal Base.PickUpTruck
Fire Dept. Base.PickUpTruckLightsFire
Fossoil/Ranger Base.PickUpTruckLights
McCoy Logging Co. Base.PickUpTruckMccoy


The Civilian Chevalier D6 is the most common variant. It can be found practically everywhere. The Civilian D6 can spawn as part of roadworks, which randomly spawns on roads and in parking lots throughout the map. This generates a manhole surrounded by road cones, a heavily damaged D6 containing tools, both on the ground nearby and in the trunk, and up to 4 zombies with construction gear. This is a good location to find the elusive Sledgehammer.

The Fire Department D6 variant is likely to be found at fire stations throughout Knox Country, along with its Dash Bulldriver Fire Department variant. This variant can also be found in both parking lots and driveways of houses, especially houses that spawned as burned down during world generation.

The Fossoil D6 variant is likely to be found at the Fossoil gas stations alongside its Franklin Valuline and Dash Bulldriver variants. Fossoil trucks can also be found occasionally in driveways and parking lots throughout the map.

The McCoy Logging D6 variant is likely to be found near McCoy Logging Camp in Muldraugh. It can also be found occasionally in driveways and parking lots.

The Ranger D6 variant can be found occasionally in parking lots and driveways.



  • The Chevalier D6 appears to be based off of the third-generation Chevrolet C/K truck
  • Drivable variant of police Chevalier D6 does not exist, it only appears in highway accident as a burnt-out variant, despite texture files for the non-damaged version

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