Chevalier D6

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Chevalier D6
Chevalier D6.png
Chevalier D6
Manufacturer Chevalier
Vehicle type Heavy-Duty
Weight 1300
Engine power 400 hp
Engine loudness 45
Seats 2
Doors 2
Trunk storage 80
Service Fire Dept.
McCoy Logging Co.
Technical details
Base ID Vehicle IDs

The Chevalier D6 is a pickup truck found throughout Knox Country. It is a Heavy-Duty vehicle with relatively soft suspension. This makes it a decent off road vehicle once you replace the tires, although the mediocre engine power is something to keep in mind. It features a large trunk able to fit approximately 110 units of weight.


Pros Cons
  • High trunk and total cargo capacity.
  • Second-lightest Heavy Duty vehicle in the game.
  • High ground clearance; can be driven over unpaved surfaces at higher speeds without damaging the gas tank, muffler, or suspension.
  • Police/firefighter variants come with a two-way radio installed.
  • Second-loudest engine in the game.
  • Second-lowest trunk and total cargo capacity of all Heavy Duty vehicles in the game.
  • Middling engine power compared to other vehicles.
  • Heavy when compared to other vehicles.
  • Only seats 2; not ideal for multiplayer co-op with more than 2 players.


D6's with emergency vehicle lights adorning their cabs can access their sirens within the vehicle radial menu [V]. Engaging the siren will attract zombies from very far away.



  • Gas Can


  • Traps
  • Shotgun
  • Shovel
  • Walkie Talkie

McCoy Logging Co.

  • Log

Vehicle IDs

Variant Base ID
Normal Base.PickUpTruck
Fire Dept. Base.PickUpTruckLightsFire
Fossoil/Ranger Base.PickUpTruckLights
McCoy Logging Co. Base.PickUpTruckMccoy


The Civilian Chevalier D6 is the most commonplace variant; it is likely to be found in driveways of houses, parking lots, traffic pileups, and car accidents.

The Fire Department Pickup variant is likely to be found at the fire station in Rosewood, KY along with its Dash Bulldriver Fire Department variant. This variant can also be found in both parking lots and driveways of houses.

The Fossoil variant is likely to be found at the Fossoil Gas Station alongside its Franklin Valuine and Dash Bulldriver variants. Fossoil trucks can also be found occasionally in driveways and parking lots throughout the map.

The McCoy Logging Truck variant is likely to be found at near McCoy Logging Camp in Muldraugh, KY. It can also be found occasionally in driveways and parking lots.

The Ranger Pickup variant can be found occasionally in parking lots and driveways.



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