Chevalier Dart

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Chevalier Dart
Chevalier Dart.png
Chevalier Dart
Manufacturer Chevalier
Vehicle type Standard
Weight 935
Engine power 360 hp
Engine loudness 21
Seats 4
Doors 2
Trunk storage 40
Technical details
Base ID Base.SmallCar

The Chevalier Dart is a 2-door, 4-seat hatchback found throughout Knox Country.


Similar to: Masterson Horizon

Pros Cons
  • Tied with the Masterson Horizon for the lowest engine loudness in the game.
  • Lightest vehicle in the game.
  • Commonly found in a variety of locations.
  • Tied with the Masterson Horizon for the second-lowest engine power in the game.
  • Tied with the Masterson Horizon and Dash Rancher for the second-lowest trunk space in the game.

While the Dart's engine is the second-weakest in the game, it makes up for this by being the lightest vehicle in the game, allowing the car to maintain an effective power-to-weight ratio. Additionally, the low weight makes the car more agile in turns, making it nimble enough to effectively take sudden curves or swerve around zombies. Finally, the Dart is the quietest car in the game; with a performance muffler and proper maintenance, it can be driven fairly close to hordes without drawing their attention. All of this comes at the cost of cargo capacity, however--with a trunk space 20% smaller than the Chevalier Nyala, and 25% smaller than the Chevalier Cerise Wagon, the Dart may not be the best choice for extended road trips, or for moving base. Overall, this makes the Dart a decently well-rounded vehicle, and a strong starting choice for early-game players; while also having an effective niche for late-game players, being well-suited for short trips to areas with particularly high zombie populations that players may want to avoid attracting the attention of.


The Chevalier Dart can be commonly found in parking lots, driveways, traffic pileups, and car accidents throughout Knox Country.


  • The Chevalier Dart appears to be based off of the Chevrolet Sprint, a captive import of the Suzuki Cultus.

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