Chevalier Nyala

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Chevalier Nyala
Chevalier Nyala.png
Chevalier Nyala
Manufacturer Chevalier
Vehicle type Standard
Weight 1100
Engine power 400 hp
Engine loudness 32
Seats 4
Doors 4
Trunk storage 55
Service Police
Style Yellow (Taxi)
Green (Taxi)
Technical details
Base ID Vehicle IDs

The Chevalier Nyala is a full-size sedan found throughout Knox Country. The Chevalier Cerise Wagon is a station wagon version of this car.


Pros Cons
  • Second-highest trunk and total cargo capacity of all Standard vehicles (only behind the Chevalier Cerise Wagon by 5 points, however).
  • Second-highest engine power of all Standard vehicles.
  • Tied with the Chevalier Cerise Wagon for the second-loudest Standard vehicle engine.
  • Third-highest weight of all Standard vehicles.

Vehicle IDs

Variant Class name
Normal Base.CarNormal
Ranger Base.CarLights
Police Base.CarLightsPolice
Taxi (yellow) Base.CarTaxi
Taxi (green) Base.CarTaxi2



  • The civilian Chevalier Nyala can be commonly found throughout the map in driveways, parking lots, traffic pileups, and car accidents.
  • The green and yellow Taxi variants are the second most common variant to be found; similar to its civilian counterpart, the taxi can be found in parking lots, driveways, traffic pileups, and car accidents.
  • The Police variant has a higher chance to spawn in parking lots of police stations across the map, similar to the police variant of the Dash Bulldriver pickup. The police variant can also be found in the parking lots, driveways, and police vehicle blockades across the map.
  • The Ranger variant can be found occasionally in parking lots and driveways.


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