Chevalier Primani

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Chevalier Primani
Chevalier Primani.png
Chevalier Primani
Manufacturer Chevalier
Vehicle type Sport
Weight 1100
Engine power 500 hp
Engine loudness 32
Seats 4
Doors 4
Trunk storage 45
Technical details
Base ID Base.ModernCar02

The Chevalier Primani is a 4-door, 4-seat, midsize sedan, uncommonly found throughout Knox Country.


Identical to: Dash Elite

Pros Cons
  • Third-most powerful engine in the game.
  • Second-highest power-to-weight ratio in the game.
  • Highest trunk and total cargo capacity of all Sport vehicles in the game.
  • Tied with the Chevalier Nyala, Chevalier Cerise Wagon, and Mercia Lang 4000 for the second-quietest vehicle in the game.
    • Quietest Sport vehicle engine in the game.
  • Fairly modest cargo capacity compared to other vehicles.
  • Less common than other vehicles.
    • All Sport vehicles in general are relatively rare, making the finding of replacement parts more difficult.


  • The Chevalier Primani appears to be based off of the seventh-generation Chevrolet Impala SS, Subaru Loyale, or Toyota Corolla. Albeit with boxier styling in order to match the game's time period.

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