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Cigarettes 120px.png

Primary Use: Reduce Stress (Sickness Penalty)

Weight: 0.005
Stress: -5

Cigarettes are consumable items which reduce the stress of the player in the exchange for causing some sickness. Cigarettes spawn in stacks of twenty at a time, and they may be found in counters, crates, desks, garbage cans and zombies.

If the player has the smoker trait, they will require having a regular cigarette, else they'll start to gain stress and eventually unhappiness. By having a smoke, they will receive a stress relief bonus (greater than without the trait).

Cigarettes can be used to make insecticide spray to combat pest flies in your garden - see Plant Health, Diseases and Cures.

As of build 35.22, cigarettes weigh 0.005 each (meaning 20 cigarettes weigh 0.1).


As of build 35.16, cigarettes reduce stress by 5, however also causing some sickness.


The farmer profession or gardener trait are required to craft insecticide.

Output Ingredients Description Level
Gardening spray can.png
Insecticide Spray x1
Gardening spray can.png + Water drop.png + Cigarettes.png
Gardening Spray Can x1 Water (3 untis) Cigarettes x5
(consumed) (consumed)
Used to cure plants of the "Insects" plant disease. MagazineFish.png
The Farming Magazine


From items.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

    item Cigarettes
		Count				= 20,
		HungerChange			= 0,
		Weight				= 0.005,
		RequireInHandOrInventory	= Lighter/Matches,
		Type				= Food,
		DisplayName			= Cigarettes,
		StressChange			= -5,
		Icon				= IckySticks,
		CustomContextMenu 		= Smoke,
		CantBeFrozen 			= TRUE,
		OnEat 				= OnEat_Cigarettes,
		CustomEatSound 			=


This article or section may contain unconfirmed information about future development. It may not be entirely reliable.

It is speculated that in a future version, the player character may become addicted to cigarettes if used too often.
*This is now unlikely since the addition of the smoker trait in Build 35, along with cigarettes causing sickness if player does not have the trait*

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