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Reduce Stress
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Cigarettes are a consumable item.


A lighter or matches are required to smoke a cigarette.


Cigarettes can be used to reduce some stress of the player in exchange for causing some sickness.

If the player has the smoker trait, they will require having a regular cigarette, else they'll start to gain stress and eventually unhappiness. By having a smoke, they will completely relieve all stress accumulated (only -5 without the trait).

Cigarettes also reduce Unhappiness by -10 if the player has the Smoker negative trait (ten smokes will fully cure unhappiness).

Ideally, one with the smoker trait should only smoke when stress is at "Agitated", as the previous level, "Anxious", does nothing, and cigarettes cure all stress (But only with the smoker trait).

Smoking to the point of Fever Can poison the player to Death.

Outside of starting with the smoker trait, there is no way to get addicted to cigarettes when smoking them in-game.


Cigarettes can be used to make insecticide spray to combat pest flies.

The player needs to have read The Farming Magazine or have the gardening trait or farmer profession to craft insecticide.

Product Ingredients Tools Requirements Workstation XP
TZ GardeningSprayCan.png
Insecticide Spray
TZ GardeningSprayCan.png Gardening Spray Can (Empty) ×1
WaterDrop.png Water ×3 unit(s)
IckySticks.png Cigarettes ×5
Profession farmer2.png
Farmer occupation
The Farming Magazine
none none


The loot distributions can be found in the table(s) below.

Building/Room Container Rolls Chance
all desk 4 8
other 1 8
plankstash 4 8
bar counter 4 1
counter 4 2
crate 4 1
crate 4 1
crate 4 2
crate 4 2
crate 4 5
bedroom desk 4 8
desk 4 8
plankstash 4 8
conveniencestore shelves 4 1
shelves 4 1
shelves 4 2
shelves 4 2
shelves 4 5
drugshack counter 4 1
counter 4 2
counter 4 8
empty crate 4 8
gasstorage counter 4 8
crate 4 1
crate 4 2
kitchen counter 4 8
mechanic wardrobe 4 8
office desk 4 8
prisoncells wardrobe 4 8


Code icon.png Code snippet! This section contains source code from Project ZomboidShow / Hide

Source: ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\items.txt

Retrieved: Build 41.78.16
item Cigarettes
	    DisplayCategory = Junk,
		Count	=	20,
		HungerChange	=	0,
		Weight	=	0.005,
		RequireInHandOrInventory	=	Matches/Lighter,
		Type	=	Food,
		DisplayName	=	Cigarettes,
		StressChange	=	-5,
		Icon	=	IckySticks,
		CustomContextMenu = Smoke,
		CantBeFrozen = TRUE,
		OnEat = OnEat_Cigarettes,
		StaticModel = Cigarette,
		EatType = Cigarettes,
		WorldStaticModel = CigarettePack_Ground,
		CustomEatSound = ,

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