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Cooking Pot/pl

Primary use: Cooking soup
Other uses: None
Weight: 5

Metalowy garnek do gotowania.Można go użyć do podgrzewania potraw na kuchence.Po zjedzeniu z niego jedzenia wraca do swojej pierwotnej postaci. Można go znaleść w szafkach w domu.

Name Recipe Description
Pot of Soup x1
Smallcanopener.png + Cannedsoup.png + Smallpot.png (+) Heat source.gif
Can Opener x1 Canned Soup x1 Cooking Pot x1 Heat Source
(consumed) (consumed) (cooked:50min burned:100min)
Increase morale by putting your soup into a pot and heating it up. Adds -40 hunger. Cooking Level 0


item Pot
	Type				=			Normal,
	DisplayName			=			Cooking Pot,
	Icon				=			Pot,
	Weight				=			5,
	ReplaceOnUseOn  	=			WaterSource-WaterPot,
	CanStoreWater		=			true