Crossroads Mall

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Crossroads Mall
Cross roads mall.png
Crossroads Mall logo
Isometric view of the Crossroads Mall.
Type Retail
Location(s) Valley Station, KY
Coordinates Show location on an interactive map13926x5829
Fan-made map of the mall.
“We'll meet you at the... Cross Roads! We'll see you at the... Cross Roads! The Cross Roads Mall! For fun, for friends, for store after store! Late night closing every Saturday! We'll meet you at the... Cross Roads! We'll see you at the... Cross Roads!”
Radio advert
The Crossroads Mall is a large indoor shopping center, located in Valley Station, KY. The crossroads mall is one of the biggest locations in the game, but one of the most dangerous due to its large zombie population. The mall's parking lot is the best place in the game to steal or salvage parts from vehicles due to it being the largest parking lot in Knox Country. The windows next to all three of the main entrances are reinforced by shutters.

Stores & Services


First Floor

Food Court

Second Floor


  • There are two non-functional ladders located on the mall's roof.
  • The name "Crossroads Mall" is a reference to the name of the mall in the 2004 movie Dawn of the Dead.