Dash Bulldriver

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Dash Bulldriver
Dash Bulldriver.png
Dash Bulldriver
Manufacturer Dash
Vehicle type Heavy-Duty
Weight 1350
Engine power 400 hp
Engine loudness 48
Seats 2
Doors 2
Trunk storage 90
Service Fossoil
Fire Dept.
McCoy Logging Co.
Technical details
Base ID Vehicle IDs

The Dash Bulldriver is a vehicle found throughout Knox Country. Similar to its Chevalier D6 cousin, the Bulldriver offers impressive trunk space at the cost of seating capacity. Similarly, several variants come adorned with sirens.

In Beta 41 Dash Bulldrivers are equipped with a beeping alarm when backing up, which attracts additional zombies.

Vehicle IDs

Variant Class name
Normal Base.PickUpVan
Fossoil/Ranger Base.PickUpVanLights
Fire Dept. Base.PickUpVanLightsFire
Police Base.PickUpVanLightsPolice
McCoy Logging Co. Base.PickUpVanMccoy


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