Denim Shirt

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Denim Shirt
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Scratch defence
Bite defence
Wind resistance
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The Denim Shirt is a long-sleeve shirt that comes in three color variants; Blue, light blue and light black.


Denim shirts provide a minor amount of bite and scratch protection, with no run-speed or combat-speed reductions. Denim shirts provide a moderate amount of insulation and wind resistance for the wearer's torso and arms.


The loot distributions can be found in the table(s) below.

Shirt_Denim distribution Show / Hide
Effective chance calculations are based off of default loot settings, and median zombie density. The higher the density of zombies in an area, the higher the effective chance of an item spawning. Chance is also influenced by the lucky and unlucky traits.
Building/Room Container Effective chance
all dresser 2.81%
all wardrobe 1.75%
all wardrobe 10.78%
bathroom locker 19.27%
bedroom crate 0.77%
bedroom crate 6.29%
bedroom crate 15.1%
bedroom dresser 2.81%
bedroom wardrobe 1.75%
bedroom wardrobe 10.78%
changeroom locker 19.27%
closet crate 0.77%
closet crate 6.29%
closet crate 15.1%
closet crate 19.27%
clothingstorage clothingrack 19.27%
clothingstorage crate 19.27%
clothingstore clothingrack 19.27%
clothingstore crate 19.27%
departmentstorage crate 19.27%
factorystorage locker 19.27%
garagestorage crate 0.77%
garagestorage crate 6.29%
garagestorage crate 15.1%
garagestorage crate 19.27%
garagestorage locker 19.27%
kitchen crate 6.29%
laundry clothingdryer 3.51%
laundry clothingdryer 19.27%
laundry clothingdryerbasic 3.51%
laundry clothingdryerbasic 19.27%
laundry clothingwasher 3.51%
laundry clothingwasher 19.27%
laundry counter 3.51%
laundry counter 19.27%
laundry locker 19.27%
pawnshop clothingrack 19.27%
pawnshop crate 19.27%
pawnshop metal_shelves 19.27%
shoestore clothingrack 19.27%
storageunit crate 0.77%
storageunit crate 6.29%
storageunit crate 15.1%
storageunit crate 19.27%
storageunit metal_shelves 0.77%
storageunit metal_shelves 6.29%
storageunit metal_shelves 15.1%
toolstore clothingrack 15.1%
toolstore shelves 15.1%
Type Container Effective chance
Clothing Trunk 3.51%

The denim shirt can be found inside bedroom wardrobes and drawers. Denim shirts can also be found occasionally on civilian and construction worker zombies.

Body location

Protection Shirt.png
  • Upper Torso
  • Lower Torso
  • Upper Arms
  • Forearms


Code icon.png Code snippet! This section contains source code from Project ZomboidShow / Hide

Source: ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\clothing\clothing_shirts.txt

Retrieved: Build 41.78.16
item Shirt_Denim
	    DisplayCategory = Clothing,
		Type = Clothing,
		DisplayName = Denim Shirt,
		ClothingItem = Shirt_Denim,
		BodyLocation = Shirt,
		IconsForTexture = ShirtDenimBlue;ShirtDenimLightBlack;ShirtDenimLightBlue,
		BloodLocation = ShirtLongSleeves,
		BiteDefense = 7,
        ScratchDefense = 15,
        Insulation = 0.45,
        WindResistance = 0.55,
        FabricType = Denim,
        WorldStaticModel = Shirt_Ground,