Digital Watch

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Digital Watch
Digital Watch
Category Item
Heavy Load
Function Display time
Dismantle for electronics scrap
Technical details
Base ID Base.DigitalWatch2

A digital watch is an electrical item.


Clock and alarm

Having a digital watch in the player's main inventory, or wearing one, enables the in-game clock being displayed on the HUD.

Digital watches have an alarm that can be set to go off at a specific time each day. When the alarm goes off, the player will wake up from sleep, preventing them from sleeping past a certain time of day. The chime from a digital watch's alarm can attract zombies. Some digital watches will be found with an alarm already set, and may go off without notice unless the alarm is turned off.

Unlike with classic watches, digital watches display the date and weather on the HUD. This also means that, in the info tab, the player can see how long their character has been alive for.


A digital watch can be dismantled if the player has a screwdriver, which will result in one electronics scrap.


Product Recipe Description Skill Level
Electronics Scrap x1
DismantleItemsAnim.gif + Screwdriver.png
Cordless Phone
Digital Watch
Video Game x1
(consumed) (keep)
Dismantle electronics Electrical 0


The digital watch can be found on zombies and corpses.


  • Digital watches in the mid-1990s were incredibly popular, with cutting-edge technology and functions, such as an LED display, calculator, data bank, games and more.


From newitems.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 41.50
	item DigitalWatch2
		Type		= AlarmClock,
		DisplayName	= Digital Watch,
		Icon		= DigitalWatch,
		Weight		= 0.0,
		AlarmSound	= watchAlarmLooped,
		SoundRadius	= 7,
		MetalValue	= 3,
		Obsolete	= TRUE,

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