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Dixie Hwy - Route 31W
US 31W.png
Route 31W
Type Road
Start Louisville, KY
End Fort Knox
State Kentucky
Country United States of America
Coordinates Show location on an interactive map11533x8777
DixieHwy map.png
Map location (red).
“Good morning. This is NNR. Our reporter is on Route 31W south of Louisville. Al. Al can you hear me?”
NNR Radio network

Dixie Hwy, also known as Route 31W, is a major road in Project Zomboid, and the only one mentioned in-game. Dixie Hwy runs through the centre of Knox Country, from Louisville, KY in the north, through Muldraugh, KY and down to Fort Knox in the south.

Businesses and landmarks

Valley Station

West Point




Dixie Hwy is based off of its real-world counterpart of the same name and location. It begins in Louisville, KY in the north, and ends at Nashville, TN.

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