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Dixie Highway - Route 31W
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Route 31W
United States of America
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Map location (red).
Good morning. This is NNR. Our reporter is on Route 31W south of Louisville. Al. Al can you hear me?

Dixie Highway or Dixie Hwy, also known as Route 31W, is a major road in Project Zomboid, and the only one mentioned in-game. The highway runs through the center of Knox Country, starting at the Louisville border camp, running down through Valley Station, over a bridge and past West Point, down through a small intersection and then going past Dixie Mobile Park, heading down through Muldraugh and then continues going down close to March Ridge in the south before leaving the map.


The Dixie Highway is a large highway that covers a large portion of the map, cutting through or coming close to most major locations in the game,as well as having a large amount of room to swerve to dodge obstacles, allowing for cars to travel at great speeds in mainly open road conditions. The only parts of the road to worry about is the bridge near West Point, which is covered in car wrecks, and where the road cuts through Muldraugh, where it is often heavily populated by zombies. While the road itself contains almost nothing of value other than car parts, it borders a lot of locations that serve as great locations to loot.

Getting to and from the highway is relatively easy from all locations. The highway is next to or goes through all locations but Riverside, Fallas Lake and Rosewood, but getting to these locations from the highway is still straightforward.To get to Riverside, you can enter West Point and follow the Ohio River from there, and to get to Rosewood you can simply go to the large intersection near the bottom of Muldraugh and follow the unnamed highway until you can enter the top of the town. Fallas lake is the hardest location to get to, but you can use the road that goes near the Muldraugh construction site and follow it until you reach the bottom of the town.

Businesses and landmarks

While most of the locations don't lie on the actual highway, they are very close and can be seen from the highway or accessed extremely easily.

Valley Station

Business Type Coordinates
Bus station Transportation 12731x5770
Diner Restaurant 12740x5713
Small convenience store Convenience store 12625x5326
Ruby Gas Gas station 12738x5039
Beer and Liquor Liquor store 12717x5060

West Point

Business Type Coordinates
Fossoil Gas station 12070x7142


Business Type Coordinates
Barg-N-Clothes Clothing 11599x8259
Diner Restaurant 11462x8809
Food Market Grocery store 11662x8793
Gas station Gas station 11506x8840
Gas 2 Go Gas station 11592x8306
Coin Op Laundromat Laundromat 11681x8822
Nolan's Used Cars Car dealership 11687x8367
Spiffo's Restaurant 11663x8302


Business Type Coordinates
Buffet Restaurant 10629x9441
Burgers Fast food 10608x9475
Cafe (Valley Station) Restaurant 10649x9928
Diner Restaurant 10619x10561
Jay's Chicken Fast food 10618x9566
Pile o' Crepe Restaurant 10621x9511
Pizza Whirled Restaurant 10606x10111
Restaurant Restaurant 10620x10528
Smokey's Saloon & Restaurant Restaurant 10621x9224
Spiffo's Fast food 10623x9651
Soup Kitchen Restaurant 10610x10304
Sunstar Motel Hotel/motel 10628x9815
Adult Education Center Education 10646x9905
Bail Bonds Law firm 10629x10138
Legal Services Law firm 10626x10156
Knox Bank Bank 10629x9697
Muldraugh Elementary Education 10618x9968
ValuInsurance Office/insurance 10628x10132
Bakery Bakery 10619x9609
Book store Book store 10611x10366
Clothing store Clothing store 10611x10375
Conven-U-Mart Convenience store 10623x9906
Household appliance store Electronics store 10612x9883
Family Fashion Clothing store 10613x9440
Genteel-y Used Clothing store 10631x9905
Liquorty-Split Liquor Store 10612x9906
Hit Vids! Video rental store 10609x10452
Zippee Market Convenience store 10605x9613
Auto shop (Muldraugh) Vehicle repair 10606x9406
Coin Op Laundromat Laundromat 10608x9469
Fossoil Gas station 10625x9762
Gas 2 Go Gas station 10663x10625
Mass-Genfac Co. Storage 10617x9313
Secure Storage Storage 10615x9376


Dixie Highway is based off of its real-world counterpart of the same name and location. It begins in Louisville, KY in the north, and ends at Nashville, TN.

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