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This feature has been removed from the game in patch 0.2.0r RC2.5.
It has been replaced by Knox Country.
PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about the legacy 0.2.0r map of Knox County. For the recreated map, see You Have One Day.
Each numbered areas on the map represent separate location.
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A player trying to evade the horde near an office building at night.

The Downtown District was located south of the Villas, east of the Woods and southeast of the Suburbs in the 0.2.0r map entitled Knox County. Bustling with shops and office buildings, this sector was very dense with zombies movement in the northwest part of this quadrant.


1: Gas Station

A small Fossoil garage station with a few garbage dumps to loot behind the garage and near the fuel pumps. Not a good place to hang around for too long, but it was well worth taking a good look in the dumpsters for supplies.

  • 4 trash cans outside
  • Lots of windows

2: Office Building

A large 2-story office building with many desks and vending machines to loot. It shared a parking lot on the first floor with the Coffee-shop.

  • Many chairs
  • Many windows

3: Coffee-shop

Connected with the western office building's parking lot and second floor, this coffee shop had a few desks and vending machine to loot.

4: Office

An office building with a reception, 2 small employee living room and a kitchen. The second floor contained desks which might contained some supplies.

5: Football Field

A large football field near the Woods. The player could find shelter in the toilets up north of the field. It was close to the Garage Station.

6: Small Shops & Offices

This building block was composed of 5 different shops and offices. Each have a backroom with an exit to the back alley and stairs leading to the second floor apartment.

7: Center Office Building

A huge multistory office complete with a rooftop. It had many desks, kitchens, and bathrooms full of supplies.

8: Furniture Store

A small furniture store with a few living room desks and closets which might contained some bed sheets or other supplies.

9: Office Building

An empty building with a small reception and a second floor office. The second floor offices were connected to a set of stairs on the eastern side. There were 2 garbage dumps outside, near the eastern staircase.

10: Office Building

(Please take note that the map says "Furniture Store", however, the highlighted part is just an office building. The building connected south of it is actually the School's shower room.)

An office with a small reception and a back office with 6 desks.

11: School

A school with 3 classrooms, a big shower room, 2 small toilets, a kitchen and 2 apartments on the second floor. Each apartment had 1 toilet, one roof terrace, 1 bedroom and a small kitchen with 3 containers. A good choice for a fortress.

12: Grocery Store & Warehouse

The grocery store was mostly empty, as it was probably been vandalized by previous survivors. All shelves and refrigerators were empty, as well as the cash registers.

However, the back-store warehouse had many storage crates with many supplies in them.

  • Lots of windows
  • 2 rooms
  • Over 30 crates

13: Restaurant

A big luxurious restaurant with huge toilets in the south part. The western part had a kitchen as well as 2 small offices. The kitchen had many food supplies you might need.

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