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PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about the electrical grid. For the electrical skill, see Electrical.

Electricity, also called power, is a fuel type used to power various electrical appliances in Project Zomboid.


Electricity can power electrical appliances including refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, clothes dryers, televisions and lights.

The electricity will be functioning at the start of the game, allowing the player to prepare for short period. However, the electricity will randomly shut off anywhere from 0–30 in-game days, which can be adjusted in the sandbox settings. Once the electricity has shutoff, all appliances requiring electricity will no longer function.


Main article: Generator

A generator can be used to provide power to appliances in a small area around it. Generators require gasoline to function, which will be depleted at a rate dependent to the appliances powered by it.

Helpful tips

  • Gas pumps will not function without a nearby power source, consider finding generators for at least one gas station for a steady supply of fuel.
  • Burglar alarms will not be deactivated when the power grid fails.
  • Car batteries can be charged with a car battery charger if they are within the radius of a generator.
  • Perishable foods within refrigerated containers across the game world will start to rot, but rotten food can still be used to fill a composter, or salvaged to provide a minor nutrition component to recipes if a player has the sufficient cooking skill requirement to do so.
  • Streets and interiors will be much darker without the presence of lights which can make combat more difficult, consider taking a light source and/or the cat's eyes trait for better vision in the dark.
  • If the Automated Emergency Broadcast System frequency is found, its broadcasts can give players an advance warning before the power grid shuts off.

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