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Electricity is used to power appliances, refrigerated containers, and various forms of lighting in Project Zomboid. However, after a period of time, the power grid will shutoff and players must find a Generator for providing power to nearby appliances or lights.

See Gas Consumption for further details on different items' usage rates.

Quick Tips

  • Gas pumps will not function without a power source nearby, consider finding generators for at least one gas station for a steady supply of fuel.
  • Car Batteries can be charged with a Car Battery Charger if they are within the radius of a generator.
  • Perishable foods within refrigerated containers across the game world will start to rot, but rotten food can still be used to fill a composter, or salvaged to provide a minor nutrition component to recipes if a player has the sufficient cooking skill requirement to do so.
  • Streets and interiors will be much darker without the presence of lights which can make combat more difficult, consider taking a light source and/or the cat's eyes trait for better vision in the dark.