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Electronics are items that contribute to or benefit from the Electrical skill, are categorized in game as 'Electrical', or are otherwise related to electronics.

Power sources

Icon Name Encumbrance Item ID
Battery.png Battery 0.1 Base.Battery
Generator.png Generator 40 Base.Generator


Icon Name Encumbrance Item ID
Amplifier.png Amplifier 0.3 Base.Amplifier
TimerCrafted.png Crafted Timer 0.5 Base.TimerCrafted
TriggerCrafted.png Crafted Trigger 0.2 Base.TriggerCrafted
ElectricWire.png Electric Wire 0.1 Base.ElectricWire
ElectronicsScrap.png Scrap Electronics 0.1 Base.ElectronicsScrap
MotionSensor.png Motion Sensor 0.1 Base.MotionSensor
RadioReceiver.png Radio Receiver 0.1 Base.RadioReceiver
RadioTransmitter.png Radio Transmitter 0.1 Base.RadioTransmitter
Receiver.png Receiver 0.1 Base.Receiver
ScannerChip.png Scanner Module 0.1 Radio.ScannerModule
V1 Remote Controller V1 Remote Controller 0.4 Base.RemoteCraftedV1
V2 Remote Controller V2 Remote Controller 0.4 Base.RemoteCraftedV2
V3 Remote Controller V3 Remote Controller 0.4 Base.RemoteCraftedV3


PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about small appliances. For tile-size appliances, see appliances.
Icon Name Encumbrance Dismantle Item ID
CordlessPhone.png Cordless Phone 0.3 ElectronicsScrap.png Base.CordlessPhone
Earbuds.png Earbuds 0.1 ElectronicsScrap.png Base.Earbuds
Headphones.png Headphones 0.3 ElectronicsScrap.png Base.Headphones
HomeAlarm.png Home Alarm 0.1 MotionSensor.png Base.HomeAlarm
Speaker.png Speaker 1.5 Amplifier.png Base.Speaker
Timer.png Timer 0.1 - Base.Timer
Remote.png TV Remote 0.2 ElectronicsScrap.png Base.Remote
CDplayer.png ValuTech PortaDisc 0.3 ElectronicsScrap.pngx2 Base.CDplayer
VideoGame.png Video Game 0.3 ElectronicsScrap.png Base.VideoGame
DigitalWatch Black.png Digital Watch 0.3 ElectronicsScrap.png See IDs
Disposable Camera Disposable Camera 0.3 ElectronicsScrap.png Base.CameraDisposable
Camera.png Camera 0.3 ElectronicsScrap.png Base.Camera
High-end Camera High-end Camera 0.3 ElectronicsScrap.png Base.CameraExpensive

Light bulbs

Icon Name Encumbrance Item ID
LightBulb.png Light Bulb 0.1 Base.LightBulb
Red Light Bulb Red Light Bulb 0.1 Base.LightBulbRed
Green Light Bulb Green Light Bulb 0.1 Base.LightBulbGreen
Blue Light Bulb Blue Light Bulb 0.1 Base.LightBulbBlue
Yellow Light Bulb Yellow Light Bulb 0.1 Base.LightBulbYellow
Cyan Light Bulb Cyan Light Bulb 0.1 Base.LightBulbCyan
Magenta Light Bulb Magenta Light Bulb 0.1 Base.LightBulbMagenta
Orange Light Bulb Orange Light Bulb 0.1 Base.LightBulbOrange
Purple Light Bulb Purple Light Bulb 0.1 Base.LightBulbPurple
Pink Light Bulb Pink Light Bulb 0.1 Base.LightBulbPink

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