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Empty Pop Bottle
Pop empty 120px.png

Primary use: Water Storage
Other uses: none
Weight: 0.1

An Empty Pop Bottle can only be found by drinking an orange soda, automatically adding it to the player's inventory. To refill an empty pop bottle, it needs to be in the main inventory, followed by right-clicking any water source (sinks, wells, rain collectors) and click "Fill Empty Pop Bottle". It will give 1 water bottle (pop) which is used the same way as a Water Bottle (Pop). Refilling from unclean water sources, such as ran collectors, will yield tainted water and should be boiled before consumption.

See the Water page for comparisons for water storage.


Name Recipe Description Skill Level
Pop water.png
Water Bottle (Pop) x1
Pop empty.png + Water drop.png
Empty Pop Bottle x1 Water x1
A Pop Bottle full of Water No crafting level required.


	item PopBottleEmpty
		Weight		= 0.1,
		CanStoreWater	= TRUE,
		Type		= Normal,
		DisplayName	= Empty Pop Bottle,
		ReplaceOnUseOn	= WaterSource-WaterPopBottle,
		Icon		= Pop_empty,
		MetalValue 	= 5,

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