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This page contains a list of items capable of starting a fire.


Fire lighters

Icon Name Weight Function Base ID
Lighter.png Lighter 0.1 0.4 Base.Lighter
Matches.png Matches 0.1 0.4 Base.Matches
TZ PerforatedWoodenPlank.png Notched Wooden Plank 0.5 0.4 Base.PercedWood


Icon Name Weight Function Base ID
Aerosolbomb.png Aerosol Bomb 1.5 0.4 Base.Aerosolbomb
BottleWithGas.png Fire Bomb 1.5 0.4 Base.BottleWithGas
Molotov.png Molotov Cocktail 1.5 0.4 Base.Molotov
PipeBomb.png Pipe Bomb 1.5 0.4 Base.PipeBomb


Icon Name Weight Function Base ID
Generator.png Generator 40 0.4 Base.Generator
Oven.png Heat source 20 0.4 Movables.Moveable
Campfire.png Campfire 2 0.4 farming.CampfireKit