Firefighter Jacket

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This article/section is about an item or mechanic that is currently in testing and not part of the stable version of the game.
This feature can be accessed via the testing branch for Build 41.
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Firefighter Jacket
Firefighter Jacket
Category Clothing
Heavy Load
Body location Jacket
Run speed 0.87
Combat speed 0.92
Scratch defense 70
Bite defense 50
Neck protection 0.5
Insulation 0.85
Wind resistance 0.85
Water resistance 0.80
Technical details
Base ID item Jacket_Fireman

The Firefighter Jacket is a jacket that is part of the firefighter uniform. The Firefighter Jacket has the highest bite and scratch resistance of any jacket. The jacket is suited for cold temperatures and storms.


The Firefighter Jacket can be found on some firefighter zombies, it's more likely to find the jacket on firefighter zombies near burnt down houses rather than the ones in the Fire Station located in Rosewood, KY

Body Location

Body location
Protection Jacket.png Neck
Upper Torso
Lower Torso
Upper Arms