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First Aid Kit

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This page has been revised for the current stable version (41.78.16).
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First Aid Kit
FirstAidKit Model.png
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4.1 (full)
Item ID

A first aid kit is a small medical container.


A first aid kit has a weight limit of 4 and can spawn containing a range of medical items. Although the name and spawnable items would suggest it can only hold medical items, it can actually hold any type of item, just like other bags. To see and use the contents of a first aid kit, it must first be equipped, just like other equippable containers.

First aid kits can spawn with:

Bandaid.png Adhesive Bandages
AlcoholWipes.png Alcohol Wipes
Bandage.png Bandage
Alcohol.png Bottle of Disinfectant
CottonBalls.png Cotton Balls
Scalpel.png Scalpel
Scissors.png Scissors
Surgical Gloves Surgical Gloves
SutureNeedle.png Suture Needle
SutureNeedleHolder.png Suture Needle Holder
Tweezers.png Tweezers


The loot distributions can be found in the table(s) below.

FirstAidKit distribution Show / Hide
Effective chance calculations are based off of default loot settings, and median zombie density. The higher the density of zombies in an area, the higher the effective chance of an item spawning. Chance is also influenced by the lucky and unlucky traits.
Building/Room Container Effective chance
Bag_SurvivorBag Large Backpack 5.54%
MedicalCache1 MedicalBox 6.29%
SafehouseLoot counter 6.29%
SafehouseLoot medicine 6.29%
all Outfit_AmbulanceDriver 1.61%
all Outfit_Doctor 1.61%
all Outfit_FiremanFullSuit 1.61%
all Outfit_Nurse 1.61%
all Outfit_Pharmacist 1.61%
all militarycrate 6.29%
artstore counter 3.98%
bathroom counter 6.29%
bathroom shelves 6.29%
changeroom counter 6.29%
classroom counter 6.29%
closet crate 3.98%
closet crate 6.29%
closet metal_shelves 3.98%
daycare counter 3.98%
garagestorage crate 3.98%
garagestorage crate 6.29%
laboratory crate 6.29%
laboratory desk 6.29%
laboratory metal_shelves 6.29%
library counter 3.98%
livingroom wardrobe 3.98%
schoolstorage metal_shelves 6.29%
storageunit crate 3.98%
storageunit crate 6.29%
Type Container Effective chance
Carpenter Trunk 2.81%
Clothing Trunk 2.81%
Construction Worker Trunk 6.41%
Distillery Trunk 2.81%
Electrician Trunk 2.81%
Farmer Trunk 2.81%
Fire Trunk 12.41%
Fisherman Trunk 2.81%
Fossoil Trunk 2.81%
Golf Trunk 2.81%
Groceries Trunk 2.81%
Heralds Trunk 2.81%
Mass Gen Fac Trunk 2.81%
McCoy Trunk 2.81%
Metal Welder Trunk 2.81%
Painter Trunk 2.81%
Police Trunk 12.41%
Police Trunk 2.81%
Postal Trunk 2.81%
Radio Trunk 2.81%
Ranger Trunk 12.41%
Spiffo Trunk 2.81%
Survivalist Trunk 2.81%
Taxi Trunk 2.81%
Transit Trunk 2.81%
Heavy Trunk 2.81%
Sports Trunk 2.81%
Standard Trunk 2.81%


First aid kits can be found in vehicles such as:


Code icon.png Code snippet! This section contains source code from Project ZomboidShow / Hide

Source: ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\clothing\clothing_bags.txt

Retrieved: Build 41.78.16
item FirstAidKit
        DisplayCategory = Container,
        WeightReduction	=	5,
        Weight	=	1,
        Type	=	Container,
        Capacity	=	4,
        DisplayName	=	First Aid Kit,
        Icon	=	FirstAid,
        OpenSound   =   OpenBag,
        CloseSound   =   CloseBag,
        PutInSound   =   PutItemInBag,
        MetalValue = 15,
        Medical = TRUE,
		ReplaceInSecondHand = Bag_FirstAidKit_LHand holdingbagleft,
        ReplaceInPrimaryHand = Bag_FirstAidKit_RHand holdingbagright,
        WorldStaticModel = LunchBoxMedic_Ground,


  • Previously, it used to be white with a red cross, but after issues other games had with depiction of Red Cross, it was changed along with the First Aider trait to green with a white cross. Old image: FirstAid-old.png

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