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Category Item
Heavy Load
Function Light source
Capacity 1,111 units
Contents Electricity
Light distance 20 tiles
Light strength 0.8
Torch cone True
Technical details
Base ID Base.Torch

A flashlight is a drainable item providing a source of light.


A flashlight is used to provide light for the player when it is dark. It is the strongest equippable light source in the game, however the light emitted from the flashlight will attract zombies.

Requires batteries. Once a battery is in, it can be fitted and un-fitted. However, as the flashlight is used, the battery will eventually die out. A new battery can be put into the flashlight once a battery is dead. When low on battery, the flashlight will occasionally flicker.


Product Recipe Description Skill Level
Battery x1

Flashlight x1
Remove Battery Electrical Level 0

Flashlight x1
Flashlight.png + Battery.png
Flashlight x1 Battery x1
Insert battery into flashlight Electrical Level 0

Lamp on Pillar
Rope.png + Flashlight.png + Plank.png + Nails.png
Rope x1 Flashlight x1 Plank x2 Nails x4
(consumed) (consumed) (consumed) (consumed)
Lights up squares in the area it's pointed at. Can be turned on and off. The flashlight still requires batteries. Carpentry Level 5


From items.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 40.5
	item Torch
		LightDistance		= 20,
		Weight			= 2,
		DisappearOnUse		= FALSE,
		Type			= Drainable,
		TorchCone		= TRUE,
		UseDelta		= 0.0009,
		LightStrength		= 0.8,
		DisplayName		= Flashlight,
		ActivatedItem		= TRUE,
		Icon			= Flashlight,
		MetalValue 		= 10,
		cantBeConsolided 	= TRUE,

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