Franklin All-Terrain

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Franklin All-Terrain
Franklin All-Terrain.png
Franklin All-Terrain
Manufacturer Franklin
Vehicle type Heavy-Duty
Weight 1330
Engine power 470 hp
Engine loudness 40
Seats 4
Doors 4
Trunk storage 85
Technical details
Base ID Base.SUV

The Franklin All-Terrain is a 4-door, 4-seat SUV found throughout Knox Country.


Pros Cons
  • Third-most powerful engine of all Heavy Duty vehicles in the game.
  • Highest trunk capacity of all 4-seat vehicles in the game.
  • High ground clearance; can be driven over unpaved surfaces at higher speeds without damaging the gas tank, muffler, or suspension.
  • Third-heaviest vehicle in the game.
  • Louder than most other vehicles.


vehicle_suv.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/vehicles)

Version 41.73
		playerDamageProtection = 1.3,
		offRoadEfficiency = 1.15,
		engineForce = 4700,
		maxSpeed = 90f,
		engineLoudness = 100,
		engineQuality = 75,
		brakingForce = 95,
		stoppingMovementForce = 4.0f,
		rollInfluence = 1.0f,
		steeringIncrement = 0.04,
		steeringClamp = 0.3,
		suspensionStiffness = 40,
		suspensionCompression = 3.83,
		suspensionDamping = 2.88,
		maxSuspensionTravelCm = 10,
		suspensionRestLength = 0.20f,
		wheelFriction = 1.4f,
		frontEndHealth = 150,
		rearEndHealth = 150,


  • The Franklin All-Terrain appears to be based off of the first-generation Ford Explorer.
  • The Franklin All-Terrain is by far one of the rarest spawning vehicles in the game.
  • It rarely spawns in the Riverside Gated Community and very rarely in the "changing tire" road event.

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