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Franklin Valuline
Franklin Valuline.png
Franklin Valuline
Manufacturer Franklin
Vehicle type Heavy-Duty
Weight 1000-1250
Engine power 260-490 hp
Engine loudness 50
Seats 2 (6)
Doors 3 (5)
Trunk storage 27-130
Glove box 10
Service Ambulance
Radio Van
3N Radio Van
Fossoil Van
McCoy Logging Co.
Spiffo's Van
Knox Distillery
Lectro Max
Mass GenFac
Style 6-Seater
Technical details
Base ID Vehicle IDs

The Franklin Valuline is a van found throughout Knox Country. This heavy-duty vehicle comes in a wide range of variants, with some holding superior over others in terms of engine horsepower, weight, or special features like sirens.


Pros Cons
  • Potentially much lighter than other Heavy-Duty vehicles (depends on variant).
  • 2-seat variants tie with the the Dash Bulldriver for the second-highest trunk and total cargo capacity in the game.
  • Highest seating capacity in the game (6-seater variant only).
  • Highest engine power among non-Sport vehicles in the game (ambulance variant only).
  • Third-loudest engine in the game (ambulance variant only).
  • Slowest vehicle in the game (6-seater and radio van variants).
  • Lowest engine power in the game (6-seater and radio van variants).
  • Lowest trunk capacity of all Heavy-Duty vehicles in the game (6-seater variant only).

Variant dependency

The usefulness of the Valuline is highly dependent on its variants.

Standard variant

This includes the various branded vans such as the Fossoil van. These variants can only hold two people, however, they can hold the second largest amount of cargo in the game, at 150 units of trunk space. This makes these variants of the Valuline excellent for loot runs, although the somewhat loud engine noise may necessitate a performance Muffler in highly populated areas such as West Point or Louisville. It is not possible to install seats into a standard variant to convert it to a 6-seater.

Some variants have slightly higher horsepower, which can be useful in certain situations.

Radio vans

While the Radio Vans both have the same amount of trunk space as the standard variants, they have massively decreased engine power. Why this choice was made is unknown. This results in incredibly slow acceleration with even the smallest amount of loot in the trunk, even with the Speed Demon trait. Due to this, it is highly advised to avoid using these variants if at all possible, as even a small group of zombies can spell disaster.


The Ambulance accelerates and handles like a sport class vehicle, but has the space of the standard Valuline variants. It is also the only variant with sirens. It is the most nimble heavy-duty vehicle in the game, and thus can be used to outmaneuver groups of zombies even with a full trunk of loot in tow. It is essentially a sport vehicle without the downside of part scarcity.

The Ambulance is also louder than the standard variants.


This variant is best used to transport groups of survivors around in multiplayer games. While it does have the same total cargo capacity as the other variants, the trunk only has 50 units of capacity. The rest is divided among 4 extra seats that must be accessed from either their respective door or inside the vehicle, making it inconvenient at best and potentially fatal at worst due to bad positioning.

Vehicle variants

Variant Body
Weight Engine
Power (hp)
Total Storage
(Seats + Trunk)
Franklin Valuline.png


1100 370 50 130 150
Franklin Valuline Ambulance.png


1100 490 55 130 150
Franklin Valuline Radio.png

Radio Van

1100 270 50 130 150
Base.VanRadio 3N.png

3N Radio Van

1200 270 50 130 150
Franklin Valuline Seats.png


1200 260 50 50 150
Franklin Valuline Fossoil.png


1100 400 50 130 150
Franklin Valuline Spiffo.png


1100 400 50 130 150
Base.Van KnoxDisti.png

Knox Distillery

1100 370 50 130 150
Base.Van LectroMax.png

Lectro Max

1100 370 50 130 150
Base.Van MassGenFac.png

Mass GenFac

1100 370 50 130 150
Base.Van Transit.png


1100 370 50 130 150

Vehicle IDs

Variant Class name
Normal Base.Van
Ambulance Base.VanAmbulance
Radio Van Base.VanRadio
3N Radio Van Base.VanRadio_3N
6-Seater Base.VanSeats
Fossoil Base.VanSpecial
Spiffo's Base.VanSpiffo
Knox Distillery Base.Van_KnoxDisti
Lectro Max Base.Van_LectroMax
Mass GenFac Base.Van_MassGenFac
Transit Base.Van_Transit


  • The Civilian variant of the Franklin Valuline, as well as the 6-Seater, can be found uncommonly anywhere vehicles can spawn.
  • The Radio Van and alternate 3N Radio Van is a rare variant of the Valuline, found randomly in the same spots as the other civilian variants.
  • The Spiffo van can be most commonly found in the parking lots of Spiffo's restaurants throughout Knox County.
  • The Ambulance is a rare variant of the Franklin Valuline that is most commonly found in traffic accidents, although they can also spawn in place of standard variants. They are also most likely to be found at hospitals throughout Knox Country.
  • The Fossoil van, as well as their Knox Distillery, Lectro Max, Transit and Mass GenFac counterparts can be found at their appropriate special buildings (i.e. The Knox Distillery, Fossoil gas stations, etc). They can also rarely be found in driveways.


  • The Franklin Valuline is based off of the third-generation Ford E-Series vans.
  • The LBMW Radio Van is presumably the one Jackie Jaye would've used for her radio show before reaching the initial blockade, although there are multiple spawns for the van.
  • It seems that the old LMBW van with the Kentucky state picture has been removed from the game. Now only its burnt variants can be found and only an LMBV TV and not LMBW radio since the release of Louisville.

Loot Distributions


  • Various medical supplies, often found inside a Trauma Bag

Radio Van

Fossoil Van

Spiffo's Van


  • These are old variants that have been removed from the game as of Build 41. They might be reintroduced in a future update.

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