Gardening Spray Can

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Gardening Spray Can
Gardening Spray Can
Gardening Spray Can
Category Item
Heavy Load
Empty: 0.3
Full: 1.0
Function Cooking utensil
Capacity 10 units
Contents Water
Can boil water False
Rain factor 0.2
Technical details
Base ID Base.GardeningSprayEmpty

A gardening spray can is a water container used in farming.


Water Storage

The gardening spray can used to have the highest water capacity, holding up to 40 units of water, which is equal to the watering can.

As of Build 41 this is no longer the case and now holds 10 units of water.


Main article: Farming


A gardening spray can is required to make pesticides.

Mildew Spray
Mildew causes plants to mature slower. Affected plants can be treated with mildew spray to counteract this. With a gardening spray can and milk (fresh or rotten) in main inventory, right-click on either item to show the option to "Create Mildew Cure".
Insecticide Spray
Pest flies cause a growing plant to consume more water; affected plants will need considerably more water and attention. This can be cured by making an insecticide spray by placing a gardening spray can, five cigarettes and three units of water in your main inventory; right-click on an ingredient to show the option "Create Flies Cure".


Making pesticides

Either the gardening trait or the farmer occupation are required to craft these items.

Product XP Gained Skill(s) Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3
Mildew Spray
Mildew Spray x1
none The Farming Magazine Gardening Spray Can
Gardening Spray Can x1
Milk x1
Insecticide Spray
Insecticide Spray x1
none The Farming Magazine Gardening Spray Can
Gardening Spray Can x1
Water (3 untis)
Cigarettes x5


Only empty gardening spray cans can be found in the world, inside garages, crates ,sheds and rare chances of being found in a kitchen.


From farming.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Gardening Spray Can (Empty) TZ GardeningSprayCan.png

Version 41.65
	item GardeningSprayEmpty
  	        DisplayCategory         = Gardening,
   		Type 			= Normal,
   		DisplayName 		= Gardening Spray Can (Empty),
   		Icon 			= TZ_GardeningSprayCan,
   		Weight 		        = 0.3,
   		ReplaceOnUseOn  	= WaterSource-GardeningSprayFull,
		CanStoreWater		= true,
		StaticModel             = GardenSpray,
		WorldStaticModel        = GardenSprayGround,
		SurvivalGear            = TRUE,

Gardening Spray Can (Full) TZ GardeningSprayCan.png

Version 41.65
	item GardeningSprayFull
	        DisplayCategory         = Gardening,
		Type			= Drainable,
		DisplayName		= Gardening Spray Can (Full),
		Icon			= TZ_GardeningSprayCan,
		Weight			= 1.0,
    	        UseDelta		= 0.1,
    	        ReplaceOnUseOn 		= WaterSource-GardeningSprayFull,
    	        ReplaceOnDeplete 	= GardeningSprayEmpty,
    	        IsWaterSource		= true,
		CanStoreWater		= true,
		UseWhileEquipped	= false,
		StaticModel             = GardenSpray,
		WorldStaticModel        = GardenSprayGround,

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