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Heavy Load
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Glue is a repair material which can be found in storage cupboards in houses, boxes in warehouses, and sheds which is used to repair weapons to a useable state. Using Glue does not require any skill in carpentry to use.

Glue is a multi-use item and can be used repeatedly until the container has run out. It can give between 10-25% repair for the first use on a weapon and this percentage decreases with every repair.

Amount of Glue used per item repair

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Each tube of Glue has 5 uses.

3 uses per repair: Sledgehammer
2 uses per repair: Axe, Baseball Bat, Spiked Baseball Bat, Hammer, Frying Pan
1 use per repair : Kitchen Knife, Hunting Knife

For further details on all repair materials, please see repairing items for more information.


    item Glue
        Weight	=	0.1,
        Type	=	Drainable,
        UseDelta	=	0.2,
        UseWhileEquipped	=	FALSE,
        DisplayName	=	Glue,
        Icon	=	Glue,
        Tooltip = Tooltip_FixItems,
        SurvivalGear = TRUE,

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