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Grocery store businesses can be found throughout Knox Country, stocking a range of everyday items. The main difference between them and Convenience stores being inclusion of various groceries, both on displays and in sacks in storage. There are several chains of convenience stores, the most common being Food Market and Milk N' More.


The layout of each individual business varies, but in general smaller ones have a main shopping area with multiple shelves and fridges, and a grocery stands. Some of them also have storage rooms full of sacks with groceries. Bigger ones, like La Vie En Gastronomie, can share building with bakeries and butchers and cafes. They can be up to two stories tall and have additional storage rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and janitor's closets with appropriate loot.


Convenience stores are stocked with food, beverages, fruits and vegetables. Bigger ones can also have various meats and baked goods.

List of chains

Name Locations
Number of locations Towns
Food Market Logo.png

Food Market

11 Louisville
Valley Station
Doe Valley
West Point
Fallas Lake
Valley Station
Milk n more logo.png

Milk N' More

4 Louisville
Nourish food mart logo.png

Nourish Food Mart

3 Louisville
March Ridge
La vie en gastronomie logo.png

La Vie En Gastronomie

1 Louisville
My sunday market logo.png

My Sunday Market

1 Louisville


Location Description Coordinates
In the South Louisville, near the St. Vincent De Paul Church. Consists of a large shopping area, a small bakery and a huge storage room.
In the Central Louisville, near Fossoil Field and Central Louisville Community Center. Consists only of the main shopping area and a butcher's corner.
Grocery store (Rosewood)
Parallel to the FashionaBelle and Jenny's Table. Two stories tall, with first floor consisting of the huge shopping area, a small bakery, big storage room, laundromat, small office and janitor's closet. Second floor has a cafe and an office.
SUS RS.png
Grocery store (Riverside)
In the main shopping district, parallel to the Riverside Suites. Has a main shopping area and a storage room.
West Point
Grocery store (West Point)
In the suburps, parallel to the School (West Point). Has a small shopping area and a storage room.
Valley Station
Grocery store (Valley Station)
In the Western Village, near the Junk Baron. Has a small shopping area and a storage room.
FM RS.png
Grocery store (Riverside western outskirts)
In the western outskirts, parallel to the Coin Op Laundromat. Has a main shopping area and a storage room.
Grocery store (Muldraugh)
In the suburbs, next to the Cortman Medical. Has a small shopping area and a storage room.