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PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about basic navigation of the PZwiki. For less wiki specific info, see Navigation.

Every page on The Project Zomboid Wiki not only contains information for you to view, but also allows you to move to other pages. If you regularly use a wiki, such as wikipedia, then you may be familiar with this functionality, which we refer to as "navigation".

To achieve successful navigation, there are several elements on every page to facilitate this, like the search box, sidebar, tabs and user links. In addition to these standard navigation elements, each page will have its own forms of navigation, either built into the text in the form of hyperlinks, or through categories found at the footer of the article. Many articles also have a navbar, which is found at the top of an article beneath the page title.

Project Zomboid is played by people from all over the world in various different languages, therefore it's important the wiki is also in these languages. Most pages will have a language bar at the top of the page, you can use this to switch to your preferred language. Or if you'd like to assist in translating an article into another language, you can start by referring to the translating how-to guide.


PZwiki sidebar shown on the left of the page

The sidebar is displayed on the left edge of the page below the PZwiki site logo. This sidebar gives you access to important pages in the wiki such as Recent changes or Upload file.


Clicking on the logo brings you back to the main page of the wiki. The navigation section is just below the logo and contains links that will take you to important pages of the wiki.

  • Main page — the main landing page when visiting the site. Contains brief details about the current builds along with various links to articles you may be looking for.
  • PZwiki:Community portal — find what the PZWiki community is currently working on, or where/how you may be able to help.
  • PZwiki:Community projects
  • Community news — hear the latest news about the PZwiki from the site's admins.
  • Style guide — contains brief general style guides for when editing articles.
  • Recent changes — displays the most recent changes, with the date, time, who and the edit summary.
  • Random page — takes you to a random page within the wiki. Can also be done at any time with the shortcut: ALT + SHIFT + Z
  • Help — takes you to the help contents for the wiki site.

Project Zomboid

The Project Zomboid section contains various useful external links that refer to, and are maintained by, The Indie Stone/Project Zomboid.

  • Website — visit the Project Zomboid website. From here you can see everything about the game, from news, to modding and suppоrt.
  • Forums — visit The Indie Stone Forums. Start a new discussion, read the news or join in the conversation of various topics.
  • Bug tracker — report any mysterious or unusual behaviour you suspect is a bug here.
  • Status and Build History — read about the current build status, build history and the plans for future builds.
  • Reddit — if reddit is your preferred forum platform, then join the Project Zomboid subreddit.
  • TIS Twitter — takes you to the official The Indie Stone twitter page.
  • Facebook — visit the Project Zomboid Facebook page, Follow to get push notifications whenever a new post is made.
  • YouTube — watch sneak peek dev videos on The Indie Stone's YouTube channel.
  • Twitch — see the twitch channels currently broadcasting Project Zomboid.
  • Discord — join The Indie Stone's personal discord server and have a direct messaging conversion with other members of the community, or even the devs themselves.

Other PZ Sites

  • Useful Links — other useful sites related to Project Zomboid that aren't directly maintained by The Indie Stone.


The tools contains a selection of links which change depending on what type of page you are viewing.

On all pages (except special pages)

  • What links here — takes you to a special page that lists the pages on the wiki which contain a link to the current page. This is helpful when you are looking for pages of related information. This information can also be useful when refactoring wiki pages and need to check whether links to this page are still relevant after changes in the current page.
  • Related changes — tool lists all recent changes in the pages linked to from the current page. Recent changes to all relevant template pages are included in the resulting page list.

On all pages (including special pages)

  • Upload file — displays a special page that allows logged-in users to upload images and other files to the wiki. Uploaded files can be linked from or embedded in wiki pages.
  • Special pages — special pages presents information about the Wiki and/or allows access to administration activities for the wiki. For example, a list of users registered with the wiki, statistics about the wiki such as the number of pages and number of page edits, system logs, a list of orphaned pages, and so on.

Page Tabs

PZwiki page tabs at the top of the page for a user

The page tabs are displayed at the top of the page to the right of the site logo. These tabs allow you to perform actions or view pages that are directly related to the current page. The available actions include: viewing, editing, and discussing the current page. The specific tabs displayed on your pages depend on whether or not you are logged into the wiki. On special pages, only the namespace tab is displayed.

All users

  • Namespace — namespace, or page type, of the current page (Page, Help page, Special page, Template, User page etc.). Shortcut: ALT + SHIFT + C
  • Discussion — view or contribute to the discussion about the current page. Shortcut: ALT + SHIFT + T
  • View source — view the page's source code. Displayed if you don't have the correct editing privileges—replaces edit. Shortcut: ALT + SHIFT + E
  • View history — view the edit history of the current page. Displays the edit date, time, contributor and edit summary. Shortcut: ALT + SHIFT + H

Extra-tabs for logged in users

  • Edit — view the page source code and make an edit. Reads View source if you don't have the correct editing privileges—removes the edit function. Shortcut: ALT + SHIFT + E
  • Move — moves the current page and all its content, giving it a new name. The old page will be blanked and a redirect link to the new page will be added. Shortcut: ALT + SHIFT + M
  • Watch — displayed with a star icon. Adds the current page to your watchlist, notifying you whenever a new edit is made. Shortcut: ALT + SHIFT + W
  • Create — displayed only when the current page does not exist. Allows you to begin editing like any other page, however on a blank page. Save page will create the new page.

User Links

PZwiki user links at the top right of the page

The user links are displayed at the top far right of the page. These tabs allow the logged-in user to view/edit their user page, wiki preferences, contributions and logout.

For anonymous users the user links is replaced by a link to the wiki login page or, if enabled by the site administrator, a link to your IP address and your IP address's talk page.

  • <username> — links to your personal user page which is where you can put information about yourself, store bits of information you want to remember or whatever else you fancy.
  • Discussion — links to your discussion page, where people can leave messages for you, which will display a notification on every page you visit.
  • Preferences — allows you to change your personal site preferences.
  • Watchlist — a list of all pages that you are watching. Pages can be added to this list by clicking "watch" at the top of the page.
  • Contributions — a list of all contributions you have made to the wiki.
  • Log out — this link will log you out of the wiki.