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Hiking Bag
HikingBag Blue Model.png
Hiking Bag (Green)
Hiking Bag (Red)
Moodle Icon HeavyLoad.png
1.2 (empty)
7.2 (full)
9 (full & Trait organized.png)
Run speed
96% (disabled)
Item ID
A hiking bag is a container item. It can be worn on the player’s back, allowing items to be carried with a weight reduction. The hiking bag has blue, green and red color variants, which are only visual differences.


The hiking bag is a middle tier bag, and has a decent carrying capacity and weight reduction. Any items stored inside the hiking bag will only count as 30% of its original weight when calculated with the player’s overall encumbrance (An item with 2 encumbrance would weigh the player down by 0.6 encumbrance. Note that the item itself still takes up 2 encumbrance when taking up space in the bag). While the hiking bag is not as effective as the higher tier bags, it is easier to find. The normal hiking bag also applies a run speed modifier of 0.95, similar to other bags of its size. It also comes in a larger variant, a Big Hiking Bag, which holds more items and has more weight reduction.

The normal hiking bag can be found in residential houses, cabinets and dressers, and camping stores.


The loot distributions can be found in the table(s) below.

Building/Room Container Rolls Chance
all locker 4 0.1
locker 4 0.5
locker 4 0.1
wardrobe 4 0.1
wardrobe 4 0.1
wardrobe 4 0.1
wardrobe 4 0.1
wardrobe 4 0.1
armysurplus metal_shelves 4 4
metal_shelves 4 4
bedroom crate 1 0.1
locker 4 0.1
camping counter 4 4
counter 4 4
changeroom locker 4 0.1
closet crate 4 1
crate 4 4
crate 4 4
crate 4 0.1
metal_shelves 4 0.1



Code icon.png Code snippet! This section contains source code from Project ZomboidShow / Hide

Source: ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\clothing\clothing_others.txt

Retrieved: Build 41.50
item Bag_NormalHikingBag
    WeightReduction    =   70,
    Weight    =   1.2,
    Type    =   Container,
    Capacity    =   20,
    DisplayName    =   Hiking Bag,
    IconsForTexture    =   Hiking_Blue;Hiking_Green;Hiking_Red,
    CanBeEquipped = Back,
    OpenSound   =   OpenBag,
    CloseSound   =   CloseBag,
    PutInSound   =   PutItemInBag,
    ClothingItem = Bag_HikingBag,
    BloodLocation = Bag,
    RunSpeedModifier = 0.96,
    AttachmentReplacement = Bag,
    ReplaceInSecondHand = Bag_HikingBag_LHand holdingbagleft,
    ReplaceInPrimaryHand = Bag_HikingBag_RHand holdingbagright,

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