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Icon Name Weight Unhappiness Stress Boredom Base ID
Book.png Book 0.5 -40 -40 -50 Base.Book
ComicBook.png Comic Book 0.1 -20 -20 -30 Base.ComicBook
MagazineNudie1.png HottieZ 0.2 - -50 -40 Base.HottieZ
Magazine.png Magazine 0.2 - -15 -20 Base.Magazine
Newspaper.png Newspaper 0.1 - -15 -15 Base.Newspaper


Icon Name Weight Base ID
March Ridge Map March Ridge Map 0.1 Base.MarchRidgeMap
Muldraugh Map Muldraugh Map 0.1 Base.MuldraughMap
Riverside Map Riverside Map 0.1 Base.RiversideMap
Rosewood Map Rosewood Map 0.1 Base.RosewoodMap
West Point Map West Point Map 0.1 Base.WestpointMap


Icon Name Weight Number of pages Base ID
Notebook.png Empty Notebook 0.5 10 Base.Notebook
Paper.png Doodle (Removed) 0.3 1 Base.Doodle
Notebook.png Journal 0.1 20 Base.Journal
Paper.png Sheet of Paper 0.1 1 Base.SheetPaper2

Skill Book

Icon Name Weight Number of pages Multiplier Skill Base ID
Carpentry for Beginners Carpentry for Beginners 0.8 220 3 Carpentry Base.BookCarpentry1
Carpentry for Intermediates Carpentry for Intermediates 0.8 260 5 Carpentry Base.BookCarpentry2
Advanced Carpentry Advanced Carpentry 0.8 300 8 Carpentry Base.BookCarpentry3
Expert Carpentry Expert Carpentry 0.8 340 12 Carpentry Base.BookCarpentry4
Master Carpentry Master Carpentry 0.8 380 16 Carpentry Base.BookCarpentry5
Cooking for Beginners Cooking for Beginners 0.8 220 3 Cooking Base.BookCooking1
Cooking for Intermediates Cooking for Intermediates 0.8 260 5 Cooking Base.BookCooking2
Advanced Cooking Advanced Cooking 0.8 300 8 Cooking Base.BookCooking3
Expert Cooking Expert Cooking 0.8 340 12 Cooking Base.BookCooking4
Master Cooking Master Cooking 0.8 380 16 Cooking Base.BookCooking5
Electricity for Beginners Electricity for Beginners 0.8 220 3 Electrical Base.BookElectricity1
Electricity for Intermediates Electricity for Intermediates 0.8 260 5 Electrical Base.BookElectricity2
Advanced Electricity Advanced Electricity 0.8 300 8 Electrical Base.BookElectricity3
Expert Electricity Expert Electricity 0.8 340 12 Electrical Base.BookElectricity4
Master Electricity Master Electricity 0.8 380 16 Electrical Base.BookElectricity5
Farming for Beginners Farming for Beginners 0.8 220 3 Farming Base.BookFarming1
Farming for Intermediates Farming for Intermediates 0.8 260 5 Farming Base.BookFarming2
Advanced Farming Advanced Farming 0.8 300 8 Farming Base.BookFarming3
Expert Farming Expert Farming 0.8 340 12 Farming Base.BookFarming4
Master Farming Master Farming 0.8 380 16 Farming Base.BookFarming5
First Aid for Beginners First Aid for Beginners 0.8 220 3 First Aid Base.BookFirstAid1
First Aid for Intermediates First Aid for Intermediates 0.8 260 5 First Aid Base.BookFirstAid2
Advanced First Aid Advanced First Aid 0.8 300 8 First Aid Base.BookFirstAid3
Expert First Aid Expert First Aid 0.8 340 12 First Aid Base.BookFirstAid4
Master First Aid Master First Aid 0.8 380 16 First Aid Base.BookFirstAid5
Fishing for Beginners Fishing for Beginners 0.8 220 3 Fishing Base.BookFishing1
Fishing for Intermediates Fishing for Intermediates 0.8 260 5 Fishing Base.BookFishing2
Advanced Fishing Advanced Fishing 0.8 300 8 Fishing Base.BookFishing3
Expert Fishing Expert Fishing 0.8 340 12 Fishing Base.BookFishing4
Master Fishing Master Fishing 0.8 380 16 Fishing Base.BookFishing5
Foraging for Beginners Foraging for Beginners 0.8 220 3 Foraging Base.BookForaging1
Foraging for Intermediates Foraging for Intermediates 0.8 260 5 Foraging Base.BookForaging2
Advanced Foraging Advanced Foraging 0.8 300 8 Foraging Base.BookForaging3
Expert Foraging Expert Foraging 0.8 340 12 Foraging Base.BookForaging4
Master Foraging Master Foraging 0.8 380 16 Foraging Base.BookForaging5
Mechanics for Beginners Mechanics for Beginners 0.8 220 3 Mechanics Base.BookMechanics1
Mechanics for Intermediates Mechanics for Intermediates 0.8 260 5 Mechanics Base.BookMechanics2
Advanced Mechanics Advanced Mechanics 0.8 300 8 Mechanics Base.BookMechanics3
Expert Mechanics Expert Mechanics 0.8 340 12 Mechanics Base.BookMechanics4
Master Mechanics Master Mechanics 0.8 380 16 Mechanics Base.BookMechanics5
Metalworking for Beginners Metalworking for Beginners 0.8 220 3 Metalworking Base.BookMetalWelding1
Metalworking for Intermediates Metalworking for Intermediates 0.8 260 5 Metalworking Base.BookMetalWelding2
Advanced Metalworking Advanced Metalworking 0.8 300 8 Metalworking Base.BookMetalWelding3
Expert Metalworking Expert Metalworking 0.8 340 12 Metalworking Base.BookMetalWelding4
Master Metalworking Master Metalworking 0.8 380 16 Metalworking Base.BookMetalWelding5
Trapping for Beginners Trapping for Beginners 0.8 220 3 Trapping Base.BookTrapping1
Trapping for Intermediates Trapping for Intermediates 0.8 260 5 Trapping Base.BookTrapping2
Advanced Trapping Advanced Trapping 0.8 300 8 Trapping Base.BookTrapping3
Expert Trapping Expert Trapping 0.8 340 12 Trapping Base.BookTrapping4
Master Trapping Master Trapping 0.8 380 16 Trapping Base.BookTrapping5


All the mechanics books, as of B41 IWBUMS are labled as "literature" instead of a skill book.

See how it is labled as literature, compared to other books.

Recipe Magazine

Icon Name Weight Effect Skill Base ID
Angler USA Magazine Vol.1 Angler USA Magazine Vol.1 0.1 Make Fishing Rod
Fix Fishing Rod
Fishing Base.FishingMag1
Angler USA Magazine Vol.1 Angler USA Magazine Vol.2 0.1 Make Fishing Net
Get Wire Back
Fishing Base.FishingMag2
Electronics Magazine Vol.1 Electronics Magazine Vol.1 0.1 Make Remote Controller
Make Remote Controller
Remote Controller
Electrical Base.ElectronicsMag1
Electronics Magazine Vol.2 Electronics Magazine Vol.2 0.1 Make Timer
Add Timer
Electrical Base.ElectronicsMag2
Electronics Magazine Vol.3 Electronics Magazine Vol.3 0.1 Add Motion Sensor V1
Add Motion Sensor V2
Add Motion Sensor V3
Electrical Base.ElectronicsMag3
Electronics Magazine Vol.4 Electronics Magazine Vol.4 0.1 Make Remote Trigger
Add Crafted Trigger
Electrical Base.ElectronicsMag5
Engineer Magazine Vol.1 Engineer Magazine Vol.1 0.1 Make Noise Maker Electrical Base.EngineerMagazine1
Engineer Magazine Vol.2 Engineer Magazine Vol.2 0.1 Make Smoke Bomb Electrical Base.EngineerMagazine2
Good Cooking Magazine Vol.1 Good Cooking Magazine Vol.1 0.1 Make Cake Batter
Make Pie Dough
Cooking Base.CookingMag1
Good Cooking Magazine Vol.2 Good Cooking Magazine Vol.2 0.1 Make Bread Dough Cooking Base.CookingMag2
Guerilla Radio Vol.1 Guerilla Radio Vol.1 0.1 Craft Radio Electrical Radio.RadioMag1
Guerilla Radio Vol.2 Guerilla Radio Vol.2 0.1 Craft Walkie Talkie Electrical Radio.RadioMag2
Guerilla Radio Vol.3 Guerilla Radio Vol.3 0.1 Craft Ham Radio Electrical Radio.RadioMag3
How to use Generators How to use Generators 0.1 Teaches the player how to connect generators to buildings Electrical Base.ElectronicsMag4
Laines Auto Manual - Standard Models Laines Auto Manual - Standard Models 0.1 Can perform maintenance on standard vehicle types Mechanics Base.MechanicMag1
Laines Auto Manual - Commercial Models Laines Auto Manual - Commercial Models 0.1 Can perform maintenance on heavy-duty vehicle types Mechanics Base.MechanicMag2
Laines Auto Manual - Performance Models Laines Auto Manual - Performance Models 0.1 Can perform maintenance on sport vehicle types Mechanics Base.MechanicMag3
The Farming Magazine The Farming Magazine 0.1 Make Mildew Cure
Make Flies Cure
Farming Base.FarmingMag1
The Herbalist The Herbalist 0.1 Can identifty poisonous berries and mushrooms, and forage medicinal herbs Foraging Base.HerbalistMag
The Hunter Magazine Vol. 1 The Hunter Magazine Vol. 1 0.1 Make Snare Trap Trapping Base.HuntingMag1
The Hunter Magazine Vol. 2 The Hunter Magazine Vol. 2 0.1 Make Trap Crate
Make Stick Trap
Trapping Base.HuntingMag2
The Hunter Magazine Vol. 3 The Hunter Magazine Vol. 3 0.1 Make Trap Box
Make Cage Trap
Trapping Base.HuntingMag3
The Metalwork Magazine Vol.1 The Metalwork Magazine Vol.1 0.1 Make Metal Walls
Make Metal Roof
Metalworking Base.MetalworkMag1
The Metalwork Magazine Vol.2 The Metalwork Magazine Vol.2 0.1 Make Metal Containers Metalworking Base.MetalworkMag2
The Metalwork Magazine Vol.3 The Metalwork Magazine Vol.3 0.1 Make Metal Fences Metalworking Base.MetalworkMag3
The Metalwork Magazine Vol.4 The Metalwork Magazine Vol.4 0.1 Make Metal Sheet
Make Small Metal Sheet
Metalworking Base.MetalworkMag4

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