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Jackie Jaye
Jackie Jaye
Journalist for LBMW
This is Jackie Jaye reporting for LBMW here at the military blockade to the north of the Exclusion Zone.
— Jackie Jaye on LBMW

Jackie Jaye is a non-interactable NPC in Project Zomboid, working as an on-scene journalist for LBMW.


Jackie works for LBMW as a live on-the-scene journalist for LBMW - Kentucky Radio. She is one of the first respondents, along with her partner Frank Hemingway, to the events unfolding within the Exclusion Zone. The player cannot interact with Jackie directly, however by tuning into LBMW, at frequency 93.2 MHz, on any radio, she can be listened to as she reports on the details of the Knox Event as they progress.

Events of Project Zomboid

9 July, 1993

Jackie's first encounter is a broadcast on the LBMW radio network at 9am July 9, 1993 (day 1). She is situated at the Primary Exclusion Zone camp, south of Louisville, where the military has set up blockades around what they call the 'Exclusion Zone'. Her first interview is with a woman named Denise, who was one of the last to make it out of the Zone before the military locked the blockade.

Jackie broadcasts General John McGrew's first public statement at 12pm, in whom states no one has been harmed, with the infection being flu-like. A no-fly zone is in place over and around the Exclusion Zone. Jackie reports that military personnel are constantly moving in and out of the Exclusion Zone.

10 July, 1993

People begin to become unsettled as families are displaced since their loved ones are still within the Event borders. One angry individual who is missing his wife tells Jackie there was a bad smell for weeks prior to the outbreak, which he believes was possibly related to the Event. Later in the day, Jackie has an interview with Professor John Ramirez, whom provides more details into what the military has discovered on the science end of things, such as the flu-like symptoms progressing to panic and confusion.

11 July, 1993

Jackie reports that the current events have lead to public outcry and disorder spilling onto the streets of many cities, followed by a statement given by the President in whom warns that officials won't hesitate to arrest those disrupting normal day-to-day life. General McGrew had also given out a warning to those camped out on the Event line, stating that if folks do not move on, they will be dispersed. However, throughout the day, Jackie hears gunshots coming from inside the Zone, with no comment from the military.

Later in the day, the World Health Organization has grounded all commercial flights out of the U.S., with the President responding with anger. Peacekeeping forces have been stationed throughout the nation as panic-buying turned into looting. Whilst pictures from within the border shows crowded streets, suggesting that some townsfolk are living as normal.

12 July, 1993

The President gives another statement, stating that infected individuals have a receding chance of recovery, along with a 6pm curfew in some of the largest cities, as an attempt to reduce the amount of violence in the nation. However, later in the evening, Frank Hemingway and Jackie report on an image taken from inside the Exclusion Zone, of a man with his arm detached and apparently unconcerned by his severe injury, walking through a street of dead bodies.

13 July, 1993

Jackie locks herself in a room after officials are displeased by her news reporting, after overhearing unsettling facts about the infected and asked to keep it from the public. She disagrees and tells her listeners that the infection is spread through fluid exchange, specifically bites from carriers, and that the infected are savage shadows of what were once human beings, but now dead, wanting nothing but to bite. Later that evening General John McGrew has a statement broadcasted on all news networks, stating that sufferers are NOT dead and that they are likely to discover a cure.

14 July, 1993

Jackie is woken up by loud gunfire after the military opened fire on two unarmed individuals. The military then try to disperse an angry crowd that begins to form with warning shots and tear gas. Later in the evening, gunfire starts up again on the other side of camp to Jackie, however with Frank is in the middle of it. Frank informs Jackie that hundreds of the infected have broken through the border, attacking everyone, including Frank.

15 July, 1993

Jackie survives the night, locking herself indoors and calling it "the night from hell". The military has pulled out and the camp left littered with bodies. She urges people in Louisville to get out now, the infection is coming to them. People have begun showing symptoms without fluid contact.

16 July, 1993

The camp now looks like an abandoned battleground. A rumor has begun to spread stating that not everyone gets the illness, some people appear to be immune, at least until they're bitten. Jackie stays at the now abandoned camp to keep people informed. Later in the afternoon, Jackie hears that the infection has made it into Louisville, urging everyone to barricade themselves indoors and avoid contact with other people.

Jackie begins to show symptoms of illness, without leaving her building, no contact with any infected, no bites or scratches. She doesn't expect to make it through the night. Her final broadcast states that reports of the infection have been recorded that it has spread across the world.



Denise lives within the Exclusion Zone with her sick mother. She is an employee at Gas 2 Go where she was heading at 4am, before being taken by men in hazmat suits. They tested on her and locked her in quarantine for several hours before being released beyond the boundary, upon where she meets Jackie whom she tells her story to.

Professor John Ramirez

Professor Ramirez is a military scientist working to gain insight into the cause of the Knox Event, along with potential ailments for those infected. Jackie interviews Professor Ramirez upon whome provides details on the military's current efforts and what they understand about the Knox Infection.

Frank Hemingway

Main article: Frank Hemingway

Frank is Jackie's partner who is also stationed at the border, however he usually takes over from Jackie in the evening. Both Jackie and Frank begin reporting together as events at the border camp begin to get heated. Early in the morning at the primary border camp, military personnel opened fire on two unarmed individuals of whom are suspected to have been infected, however the camp began to fill with angry protesters as warning shots were fired and tear gas deployed. Jackie and Frank were separated in all the commotion as the military pushed everyone back. On Frank's side of the camp, a wave of hundreds to thousands of infected broke through the event boundary attacking everyone. Frank is believed to be killed in the attack.

Jackie and Frank's last recorded conversation:
Jackie Jaye:
"I've been... separated from my colleague Frank Hemingway. There's gunfire on the other side of the camp. Frank! Frank. Can you hear me? We're live. We're live on air."
Frank Hemingway:
"Jackie! There's been an incursion! There's hundreds of them! They're everywhere! They came from every side!"
Jackie Jaye:
"Frank! What are they? What do they look like?"
Frank Hemingway:
Jackie Jaye:
"Jesus Christ."

General John McGrew

Main article: General John McGrew

General McGrew is the leading officer responsible for the military stationed at the Exclusion Zone. Jackie has reported on the General on multiple occasions, mostly broadcasting messages given by him. She has only had one encounter with him in person, shortly before the event boundary was compromised. General John McGrew had a very negative opinion of Jackie, as he'd referred to her (among other reporters) as scaremongering and circulating rumors and falsehoods. Their first and only encounter resulted in the General ordering one of his men to shut her broadcast down, after she had asked him if blood was on his hands.

Jackie's only encounter with General John McGrew:
Jackie Jaye:
"General! Is there blood on your hands?"
General John McGrew:
"Who is this? Are you broadcasting? Do you know what in hell we're dealing with? Shut her down! Shut this all..."


  • An LBMW radio van can be found, presumably driven by Jackie prior to reaching the primary camp.
  • A zombie named after Jackie Jay can be spawned in debug mode and presumably found in-game.

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