Jenny's Table

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Jenny's Table
Jennys table logo.png
Isometric view of the Jenny's Table in Rosewood.
Type Restaurant
Location Rosewood main street
Coordinates Show location on an interactive map8078x11454
Technical details
Floor count 2 floors
Stairways 1 stairways

Jenny's table is a restaurant in the northwestern part of Rosewood. It has a small apartment on the upper floor.


Jenny's table is east of Bright Flag Inn and west of Econo Rooms, and is located right outside the shopping district of Rosewood.


The interior is mostly composed of the dining area, which has lots of wooden furniture that can be dismantled for carpentry experience, and the kitchen, which often contains food and cooking equipment such as meat cleavers, cooking pots, kitchen knives, and many more general cooking supplies. There is also a small storage room and two restrooms.

The upper floor, which can be accessed via the staircase next to the male restroom, is composed of a small office, along with an apartment, presumably used by the owner of the restaurant.


Jenny's table can create a decent safehouse, but there are major drawbacks to consider.

Pros Cons
  • Upstairs rest area allows for safe sleeping and reading
  • Close to Rosewood's points of interests.
  • There is an abundance of food in the restaurant's kitchen.
  • A small apartment is found on the top floor
  • Close to Econo Rooms to dismantle the beds to level up carpentry.
  • Abundance of zombies due to it being on Rosewood's main street.
  • Harder to barricade due to the number of windows.