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Kate Smith
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Bob and Kate's safehouse
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I'm sorry I fucked up hon. I screwed everything. Screwed us...
— Kate Smith

In 2013, Kate and 'Til Death Us Do Part were removed from the game, along with NPC survivors, with the release of version RC 2.9, due to NPCs being far too buggy. The Indie Stone did not abandon the story and have stated they still have big plans for NPCs and the story of Bob and Kate.[1][2]


Kate is your wife at the start of the game as you play as Bob Smith in 'Til Death Us Do Part. She has a broken leg and cannot move. Therefore, Bob has to take care of her in the tutorial. It is obvious that she loves Bob, as she tells him that he is the sole reason that she is alive, which is actually quite true. She is quite intelligent, knowing that it is dangerous to scavenge in the night, and stops Bob from doing so.


Before the story, Bob and Kate were nomadically wandering the quarantined Knox County in the original version of the now Knox Country in the current day Muldraugh, and throughout their journey, they made it to Muldraugh. However, they were attacked by adversaries but survived the attack. Unfortunately, Kate broke her leg, and it got severely cut, and she was unable to move. Bob and Kate quickly moved into the closest house, and because she was injured, Bob put her on the bed of the house, and then tended her injuries. After he tends her wounds, he fortifies the house and finds supplies to make sure that Kate is safe.

After being bandaged, if she survives long enough, her status effect of 'bleeding badly' changes to simply 'bleeding' and then disappears as her wound heals. However, she retains the status 'broken leg' for much longer (possibly indefinitely?). Bob can further tend to her wounds by making an improvised tourniquet with his belt, successfully stemming the bleed.

Alternative plot

Kate could die during the tutorial, along with Bob in multiple other plots.

  • At the beginning of the tutorial the play could make Bob smother Kate with a pillow either ending with her apologizing for being a burning or telling Bob to go to hell.
  • If the player left the oven on Kate would ask Bob is he smelled burning, subsequentially multiple zombies would be spawned and Bob would either be burned to death after the house is set on fire, or die to one of the many zombies.
  • After the Raider orders Bob to walk up the stairs or kill Bob and walk up the stairs by himself, Kate would get shot by the Raider while listening to the radio.
  • Kate could also be killed by Bob accidentally swinging his weapon at her. Once she dies, the music will change to a much more depressing one. If she dies by the pillow, Bob will get a picture of a much healthier Kate.

If Bob forgets to turn off the oven, she can be carried to safety to another safe house to survive how ever long the player can.


  • Kate can be used as an outfit or spawned as a zombie in the debug mode and can presumably be found in the game. Outfit color is randomized and body/hair are not set.
  • Kate is seen on the main menu being tended by Bob until lighting flashes showing a zombified Bob eating Kate.
  • In the original 'Til Death Us Do Part scenario, if Kate dies in any way and Bob survives, the player would get the Picture of Kate to remind Bob about his loss.


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