Kentucky State Prison

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Kentucky State Prison
External view of the Kentucky State Prison
Type Correctional Facility
Location Rosewood, KY
Coordinates Show location on an interactive map7718x11881

The Kentucky State Prison is the most iconic location in Rosewood, KY. The prison likely employed a significant amount of residents in the town and it's surrounding areas. The prison went from a standard, medium-security correctional facility to hell on earth during the outbreak. Inmates that weren't killed during the prison riots, would've been trapped in their cells and rendered helpless until they succumbed to the Knox Infection.

The prison is one of the most dangerous places in Knox Country. The facility has a massive Zombie population and the cramped rooms and hallways make it rather difficult for survivors to maneuver past hordes inside the prison. The vast majority of the zombie population at the prison are the former guards and inmates.


The prison is enclosed by barbed wire fences and only has one main entrance that can easily be barricaded. Each corner of the exterior also has a guard-tower overlooking the area. The main entrance of the facility has a guard barracks, which has a door that leads into the prison itself. A small armoury is located in the upstairs area of the barracks. Many of the prison's doors are reinforced and the windows are protected by bars.

First Floor

The first floor of the facility contains various jail cells, showers, offices, the kitchen and cafeteria. Many of the doors are reinfroced, requiring Keys or an appropriate weapon like an Axe to break it down. The prison yard can also be accessed through one of the cells areas.

Second Floor

The second floor contains even more jail cells, offices, a break room and the prison infirmary. The infirmary's supply closet is protected by a reinforced door.


  • Prison escapee zombies can occasionally be found around Knox Country, implying that some inmates were able to escape by taking advantage of the chaos during the outbreak, before later succumbing to the illness.