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This section is likely to contain major spoilers pertaining to the story of Project Zomboid.

KnoxTalk Radio is a radio station that plays over the 101.2 MHz frequency. The KnoxTalk Radio transcript shows many theories of various NPCs of the game.

Theories present

Airborne Virus

Engineered Virus

Spiffo's Burgers

  • Perhaps contrary to the theory, one caller states he was inside of a Spiffo's and witnessed nothing.
  • Another caller alleges, because the disease is so widespread and potentially related to Mad Cow Disease, that Spiffo's is to blame. She mentions a writer who spoke on Triple-N, but the channel makes no mention of it to the player.

Interesting Information

Canines may exhibit symptoms


The following is the complete transcript with times taken from media/radio/RadioData.xml
Note that each entry can only be seen once by the player. Multiple times for a single entry represent times when the entry is viewable, not that it appears multiple times for a single player. Some entries are repeated, meaning that each may be viewed once, even though the content is the same.

Day: 0 Start time: 0 End time: 360

In 1992 Governor Cal Fairweather made a promise.
A promise he broke in two.
He said he'd invest.
He said he'd clean up.
He said the toxins discovered in our fields and forests would be eradicated.
He failed.
Vote Mahoney this Fall. Vote for Change.
This has been an endorsed message by the Democrat party.

Day: 0 Start time: 360 End time: 690

I'm Cal Fairweather, and I am the voice of progress.
I hunt. I shoot. I fish.
I see nature all around.
And it's clean, it's clear, it's as God intended.
We've spent our time testing the land around us.
Making sure the military testing thirty long years ago...
... to protect our country...
... was as safe as we always thought it was.
Know what?
Kentucky's as safe a place to live as it is beautiful.
Vote for Cal Fairweather. Vote for progress.
This has been an endorsed message by the Republican party.

Day: 0 Start time: 0 End time: 360

♪ We'll meet you at the... Cross Roads! ♪
♪ We'll see you at the... Cross Roads! ♪
The Cross Roads Mall!
For fun, for friends, for store after store!
Late night closing every Saturday!
♪ We'll meet you at the... Cross Roads! ♪
♪ We'll see you at the... Cross Roads! ♪

Day: 0 Start time: 360 End time: 720

KnoxTalk Radio, you're on the air Marcia.
What do you know?
Nothin'! I was on the phone to my daughter... then she goes dead!
Did she mention any kind of infection Marcia?
Kids were off school with a fever. Nothing bad.
Now we can't talk! Can't go see her!
Nothing else?
They're saying panic and confusion in there.
That's it. They had a fever.
How are you Marcia? Are you scared?
Scared? I'm not scared - I'm pissed!
Who do these guys think they are?
They're the US Army ma'am.
Back after these messages.

Day: 0 Start time: 720 End time: 1080

You're back with KnoxTalk radio.
Today we're talking to people who made it out of the Exclusion Zone.
Bobby? Tell us what happened.
I headed out on the freeway when the soldiers showed.
Musta been one of the last out. Then helicopters, trucks, guns...
You hear anything about the Event Bobby?
Kinda. Heard it said some people are ill.
Walking funny.
They say it starts with a fever, but I missed all that.
Are they violent Bobby?
They what?
Are they violent?
Some say there's attacks in there.
I was getting lunch in Spiffo's.
Didn't see no fight.
Thanks for your call Bobby!
Okay. Bye.

Day: 0 Start time: 1080 End time: 1410

We've got someone with something new. Twiggy, you there?
Sure am. Figured you'd want to hear from someone from inside.
I live in West Point. Own a bar.
I went away to visit a cousin, but the night before...
Weird stuff.
Helicopters flying low over us to Muldraugh.
We get that stuff - we're an Army town.
Serve those boys most nights.
Just seemed out of place.
Next day I'm coming back. It's no-go.
Thanking God I had my wife and dog with me, I guess.
Else I wouldn't be seeing them for a week.
Dog's been sick, so glad she's with me.
I don't know how long this dang thing will take.
Do you know?
I'm afraid I do not.
Thanks for your call.

Day: 0 Start time: 1410 End time: 1440
Day: 1 Start time: 1440 End time: 1800

You're on the air Madison.
I just wanna say this was planned.
What was planned? A disease outbreak?
All those helicopters. All those soldiers. Just appearing.
My boy was in Desert Storm - I know it can't be done in days...
To move those guys that quickly?
They knew a storm was brewing.
They knew this might happen.
I don't know Madison.
They have to plan for all contingencies.
Cutting off counties south of the Ohio river is a HELL of a contingency.
Good point and well made.
Okay, next caller after these...

Day: 1 Start time: 1800 End time: 2160

We appreciate your calls, especially as people inside the zone...
Well they can't call.
Apparently Knox Telecommunications have been working on the lines.
And they've been out for a week.
That's long before the blockade was set up.
Christian, my producer tells me you can confirm this?
We've got a lot of folks hungry for a conspiracy on our lines.
You're saying it's bad timing?
My phone is still out!
It's been out for... nine days?
Guy from Knox Telephones came round.
Said to expect some disruption.
So where are you calling from Christian?
My sister's place.
I live just North of the river. She's up in Louisville.
And you wanted to get away?
Sure did.
I don't know what's happening on the other side of the water...
But it's not good.
You can smell it in the air.
Something's smelled bad for weeks, it gets into your lungs.
That's what's behind it.
Thanks for your call Christian,

Day: 1 Start time: 2160 End time: 2520

How you doing James?
Ah. Not so good.
Guess we don't need to ask why. You know anyone in there?
Nah. It's just - weird not knowing what's going down.
I mean, it's 1993. There's gotta be other ways to call out.
Phone system's down James. No big transmitters I know of.
How about something short-range?
I'm in your boat James. I just don't know.
What if they don't want to be heard?
What if they're... too far gone?
You think that's what they're hiding?
Lots of military bases in there James. Whole lot of secret stuff.
That's my reading anyway.
It's not right though, is it?
Not much is.
We'll come back to you after this James.

Day: 1 Start time: 2520 End time: 2850

You're with KnoxTalk Catherine...
That new Spiffo's restaurant just opened.
And you think it's connected?
It's in the meat!
They've been feeding cattle to cattle!
It's a European thing.
You think it's related to the BSE crisis?
Mad Cow disease?
There was a guy talking about it on Triple-N.
Guy wrote a book. Said it gets into your head.
You eat burgers, and it gets to your brain.
My son worked in Spiffos before they let him go.
You know how many he cooked a day?
A lot. A whole lot.
That's all I'm saying.
Thanks for your call Catherine.

Day: 1 Start time: 2850 End time: 2880
Day: 2 Start time: 2880 End time: 3240

Let's get some focus.
We got a retired Colonel on the line. Colonel Smythe out of Arkansas.
I've been detectin' some... anti authority sentiment on your show.
Now, my daddy - he was a soldier.
His daddy too. Then me. Then my son.
We shed a lot of blood for the red, white and blue.
These boys protectin' those people - we don't know their orders.
But we do know they're doing the right thing.
No matter what.
They're regular men like your son, like my son.
Have faith in them, and have faith in their superiors.
Nothing comes easy in the Army.
That doesn't mean you don't do right.
Thank you for your call.
Good to hear the other side.
Back after this...

Day: 2 Start time: 3240 End time: 3600

Ethan's called in. How are you Ethan?
You think it matters how I am?
How about the poor souls behind the Event line?
Well of course...
This is judgment. This is God.
That's certainly a point of...
Let me finish! This is foretold. Jesus is coming home.
Everyone listening. EVERYONE listening.
You get on your knees and repent.
He knows your sins, and he's a comin'.
No. In fact, he's already here. And you are JUDGED.
You know what it says in the book of Revelations?
I do. Okay, onto the next caller.
The great day of his wrath is come!
And who shall be able to stand?
Okay. Thank you!

Day: 2 Start time: 3600 End time: 3960

If you haven't heard they've grounded flights.
Domestic flights are dandy, but if you're thinking of going further...
You're gonna be disappointed.
The WHO, that's the World Health Organisation, are to blame.
Todd, I hear you've got an opinion.
Sure as heck I do.
Who gave this 'WHO' a right to tell us what to do?
They watching the same news I am?
We've got a problem. We've got it contained.
Who's 'We' Todd?
The United States of America!
WHO's got no business here!
How in hell can they tell us what to do?
They're scared of catching a cold, so what?
America can't do business?
America can kiss vacations goodbye?
We founded this nation to get away from those bastards.
Todd I'm gonna have to ask for less cussing.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
It's just...
Y'know I love America.
We all do Todd.
Thanks for your call.

Day: 2 Start time: 3960 End time: 4290

We've got Latoya, calling from Louisville.
I just tried to get out of my apartment.
Couldn't get off the front step.
Trouble there too Latoya?
With the soldiers? Hell I don't think so.
There's a goddam' TANK in my street.
I never seen so much camouflage in one place.
Where are you calling from?
I'm North of the river.
I heard they were on the bridges?
They're everywhere.
So no fighting where you are?
Reports of riots are coming in from New York, Miami...
People here don't have time to fight.
If they can, they're just going North.
Vehicle after vehicle. Some folks on foot.
It's gridlock.
Thanks for calling Latoya.

Day: 2 Start time: 4290 End time: 4320
Day: 3 Start time: 4320 End time: 4680

Abigail? You're on.
Why are they sticking with this bullshit?
Who Abigail? And please... this is a family show.
You still think that counts for something?
We know the truth, we know what's in there.
My boyfriend? He's dead.
I know that, and I know that I'm as good as dead.
Why spin us this bullshit?
Who in hell are they protecting?
I'll tell you: themselves!
They got labs in there, they got secret facilities.
There's no evidence for any of that Abigail.
There's a goddam Exclusion Zone filled with evidence!
Thank you for your call.

Day: 3 Start time: 4680 End time: 5040

We've been asked to break our regular broadcasting.
So, no calls right now people.
News right down from the top: a curfew.
From 6pm tonight: keep your kids inside.
Hope must be to calm folk down.
We're in Nowheresville out here...
And I've seen looting. Shelves are empty.
They shut the bar, but that didn't stop people breaking back in.
God only knows what it's like in city centers right now.
Let's open up the lines. Clare, you there?
Sure am. Who the hell isn't staying inside right now anyways?
Knox Event could be in anything.
The air. The food. Did you see the meteors?
They passed me by Clare.
Passed by everyone.
Over their heads?
Are you mocking me?
Sorry Clare, it's been a long week.
It's in the skies, and it's in the air we breathe.
Curfew is the right move.
But it's too late.
Thank you Clare!
Any other thoughts on the Knox Event curfew?
We want to hear them...
Lines are back open people.

Day: 3 Start time: 5040 End time: 5400

Okay folks, a lot of voice on our lines as you'd imagine.
But Danielle's got a story to tell. You've got the mic Danielle.
They're lying. They're lying to us.
We were on the inside . My Mom - she was attacked. This guy bit her.
We tried to get out but they took her.
I don't know where she is.
I took my dog out the car and I just ran.
They shot my dog!
What kinda soldiers do that?
And I'm sat here in this camp on some guy's carphone.
The others - they wanted me to get word out.
People in there have changed.
They try to kill you.
All of them try to kill you.

Day: 3 Start time: 5400 End time: 5730

I know him. I know the guy.
For people just tuning in, Kelly's calling about...
... the disturbing images that have emerged from the Event Zone.
Tune in to a news channel, everyone has it.
But I guess Kelly has what they'd call an exclusive.
His family might be listening Kelly.
Okay, I won't name him.
But he works in the Cine-E Plex.
Saw him last week when I took my son to the Spiffo movie.
It's him for sure.
You think they feel pain?
Well, his arm's not there. He's not even blinking.
I don't even know if they feel.
You think it's contained?
You're the caller. You tell me.
I think they know what they're doing.
They're trained for this kinda thing.
Let's hope you're right Clare.
Back after these messages.
[cine plex advert]

Day: 4 Start time: 6120 End time: 6480

What's your employment mystery caller?
I'm a janitor.
I've signed so many forms that I know this isn't right...
But there's labs in there.
Guys in white coats.
And they're experimenting with what? Biological stuff?
I don't know.
Do they test on anything? Animals?
Saw some dogs on my last day before this all started.
They test on dogs?
Naw. Security guys' dog was sick.
So what you're saying is...
They have science stuff in a military installation.
Could be weapons, could be freshman chemistry class.
And a guy owned a dog?
Yes sir. That's the measure of it.
Could be anything.
It's terrorism.
Thanks for your call.
If anyone actually knows some facts about the Event call me.
Sick of time-wasters.

Day: 4 Start time: 6480 End time: 6840

We've got a live one folks.
Charles, I'm just going to hand over to you.
Say what you need to say.
I was in there.
Everyone got the sickness at once.
But... not everyone got the sickness.
There was a bunch of us, running for the north road.
All around us they were waking up.
Waking up dead.
We saw soldiers in hazard suits... they just threw us into trucks.
There was this one lady.
They just shot her.
Back then we didn't know why.
Now I know they did her a favor.
They kept us in a military camp.
They called it quarantine.
When people got sick they took them away.
For tests they said, through an inch of hazard suit plastic...
They never came back.
I didn't know anyone I was with but...
Fathers. Daughters. Wives. Children...
Losing their families, one by one.
Then, two days ago, we woke up and the cells were open.
Soldiers were gone.
No trace.
Just some guy in a uniform who'd been filled with bullets.
Looked like a disagreement.
We went North, and walked right through the border.
No-one said a word.
I feel like I've seen Hell.
Thanks for your call.

Day: 4 Start time: 6840 End time: 7170

John, you're up. How're ya feeling?
I just wanted to say thank you.
All those other stations. The TV.
They're just saying what they want them to say.
Jackie Jaye's sat in McGrew's lap and spittin' his lies.
The people in there are DEAD.
They're gone. My daughter. Your families.
This is how it ENDS.
Thank you John.
Sure is starting to feel that way.

Day: 4 Start time: 7170 End time: 7200
Day: 5 Start time: 7200 End time: 7560

Okay people we need your calls tonight.
It's crazy out there.
The President doing nothing has led to...
Well people are scared.
Firehoses have been turned on angry crowds in New York.
Looting and arson in Los Angeles.
And in the middle criminals using the climate of fear...
... to their own advantage.
I've seen pictures of people taking TVs, computer game consoles... stuff like that...
I'm taking your calls:
Are you stockpiling food and medicine?
What do you make of the curfew rumors?
Same place, same number... different nightmare.
Call us now guys.

Day: 5 Start time: 7560 End time: 7920

Francine wants to talk to us.
You're on the air.
You know how long it takes for this to incubate?
I mean the flu?
Not when they... get you.
One day? Two days?
Two days before the military rolled out: what were you doin'?
Francine I don't know. It's been a long week.
My head's a mess. Do you know what you were doing?
Sure I do. I was watching the fireworks.
Waving a flag.
This thing began July 4th. Independence Day.
Maybe Francine, but what's your point?
Terrorism. Terrorism is my point.
They've been coming for us for years.
This is their moment.
Francine, right now I don't think it's the time for theories.
I've heard enough theories.
Let's get positive. Let's try to help folks out there.
If you have tips. If you have advice.
Call me.

Day: 5 Start time: 7920 End time: 8280

Something's up in the Event camps.
We've got Danielle on the line again.
Hello? Hello?
Danielle, honey. What's happening?
I'm on a carphone. The battery's low.
I need to be quick.
What's happening? What's that noise?
There were gunshots, and then there was this....
... this huge wave of infected people.
They just appeared.
Hundreds of them over the perimeter. Thousands maybe.
There weren't enough soldiers. Or guns.
I'm lying on the back seat of this car.
All I can hear is...
OH GOD. OH THEY'RE <bzzt> <fzzt>
Hello? Hello?
Danielle, honey can you hear me?

Day: 5 Start time: 8280 End time: 8610
While the colors in this section may seem off, they are as they appear in game.

Let's get the message out there.
Danny? Tell us what you know.
It's spread through bites. Maybe scratches, but definitely bites.
Have you been in there Danny?
Kinda. We live on a farm near the river. I swam it.
My sister went into West Point to see what was going on.
She said everyone had turned.
And I mean EVERYONE.
One took a chunk from her wrist.
She got back and I cleaned the wound, but...
It just got worse.
Then she died.
She died, but she <sob> didn't go away.
It's okay man. We're all here with you.
I ran. Swam the river... somehow.
She's still there.
Standing there. Dead.
How the fuck is this happening?

Day: 5 Start time: 8610 End time: 8640
Day: 6 Start time: 8640 End time: 9000

Hi it's Carla.
You watching the news Carla?
I don't need to see the news, it's outside my front room.
Cars, people... everyone moving North.
How do they look?
Scared. Same as me.
Will you join them?
I've got three children under the age of six.
My husband's been gone a week.
No clue where he is.
I can't go. My kids... and he'll come back maybe.
We've got enough to eat.
<bang> <bang>
Hey! We only want to use the bathroom!
I'm sorry I've got to keep quiet.
Mommy? What's that...
<bang> <bang>
What are you...
<click> <bzzt> <fzzt>

Day: 6 Start time: 9000 End time: 9360

This is my advice: shoot for the head.
What if you don't have a gun Mike?
Then you find a goddamn gun.
Bullets to the torso... limbs... they don't slow them.
And they sure as hell don't make them hurt.
Go for the brain.
Hell, if you lose your gun then use a bat.
Just burst their heads like a fuckin' balloon.
These are people's families you're talking about Mike.
You haven't seen one, have you?
They're not even human.

Day: 6 Start time: 9360 End time: 9720

We're on the road.
I'm at a Gas Station.
It's like some kinda nightmare.
It's Mad goddam Max.
People are panicking?
People are scared.
They've taken all the food.
There's fighting in the line for gas...
But if they think those cars can get anywhere anyway it's insane.
Roads are stationary.
It's just...
Just what Brian?
There are bodies.
Not dead bodies.
Ill bodies. People with the infection.
They're just lying at the side of the road.
People are ignoring them, but they know they're there.
They're gonna come back. Everyone knows it.
Just no-one's got the guts.
No-one wants to do it.
Not yet.
They just want to move on.
Get away.
But up ahead there'll be more bodies. Not quite dead.
And someone's got to do it.
Someone's got to do it.
Can you do it Brian?
I'll find that out further up the road.
Keep safe.
I'll try.

Day: 6 Start time: 9720 End time: 10050

So what are the facts?
They're dead. They bite. You don't want to get close.
For God knows what reason, the truth has been kept from us.
They've got it pinned, but for how long?
Do you know anything else? We need NEW information.
Call me. Let's get through this together.
Mary, you there?
The Army are killing us! My Dad. He didn't even have a scratch!
You're... kidding?
The soldier said he was sorry, and he shot him!
Turned the gun on me, then...
... then he blew his own damn head off.
<sob> <sob>
Mary. Mary. I'm so sorry.
He's dead. He's dead.

Day: 6 Start time: 10050 End time: 10080
Day: 7 Start time: 10080 End time: 10440

People are sick here. Sick without the bite.
That's not possible.
You're calling me a liar? It's happening.
I just saw twenty people in an Old Folk's Home die in an hour.
They're still there. In their chairs.
Only... some are crawling on the floor.
They're eating Janine.
They pulled her down. And...
There's blood everywhere.
People are turning. Turning fast.
It can't be stopped.
Oh God no.
The Knox Event is not contained.
I repeat: the Knox Event is not contained.
After the.... what do we call them?
After the wave of the dead took over the boundary camp...
Something else came out with them.
Howard, you okay to talk?
<cough> I know what people will think.
But I haven't taken a scratch.
No bite marks.
Closest I've been to those poor dead bastards is 20 feet.
But I've got it. I've got the sickness.
Unless this is flu or some sick joke.
*cough* *hack*
This is it. I'm dying.
Don't talk like that. It's not over...
Till it's over?
Friend last night I saw kid fresh out of diapers...
I can't even say what I saw.
<cough> For me it's over. Whatever else happens to you...

Day: 7 Start time: 10440 End time: 10800

I've got it.
I've come down with the Event infection, and I'm scared.
Real scared.
But I've got kids north of the river.
I've got family all over.
Man I love, who don't love me back, is somewhere out there too.
And I'm saying close the bridges.
Stop the people who are running.
Do what you have to do.
We're lost. We're gone here.
Bomb us if you need to.
They held this thing inside once.
They pinned it down.
We're already dead, and they should treat us that way.
Thank you for your call.
God bless you.

Day: 7 Start time: 10800 End time: 11160

Latoya has news everyone.
They're closing the bridges!
What bridges Latoya?
All of them. Everyone headed north through Louisville...'re not gonna make it!
How do you mean closing?
No cars can get over, it's gridlock!
People were just running over with bags...
... y'know, all their stuff.
Then they pushed them back, put up barriers and...
*distant explosion*
Shit! Was... *muffle*
*muffle* *muffle*
Latoya, Latoya are you still there?
They blew the damn thing up?
People are trapped!
They trapped them in the Event!
You can't get through any more!

Day: 7 Start time: 11160 End time: 11490

Where are you Julie?
I'm on a payphone in the hospital.
I've fed it my quarters but...
They're not picking up at home.
They're not picking up at Mom's
I just needed to call someone.
Everyone here has it.
They're on the floor.
They're hallucinating.
They're moaning. They're groaning.
Everyone's just left them.
They're doctors. How can they do that?
But you're okay?
I think so.
God. The smell in here.
Don't come to the hospitals.
Don't go anywhere you expect people.
It's just death.
Death on every sidewalk.
Death at every stop light.
Real soon they'll start walking.
I've seen it.
Seen it with my own eyes.

Day: 7 Start time: 11490 End time: 11520
Day: 8 Start time: 11520 End time: 11880

Have you seen them?
No Richard, no I have not.
There's nothing in their eyes.
I thought they'd look like a dead body.
I've seen plenty.
I was in Desert Storm.
Dead bodies look like they're at peace.
They look... separate, but the same.
These things. They're empty.
Nothing's moved on.
There's no spirit gone up to the sky.
I thought death was just an absence of life.
Now I see it's worse than that.
Just a big nothing.
A road to nowhere.
Something that hates us, and wants us consumed.
Like a hole has opened up underneath our feet and...
I'll be gone soon.
I'm just sorry it all ended this way.
Sorry for us all.

Day: 8 Start time: 11880 End time: 12240

We're not taking calls right now - as I'm the one with the news.
Well... you can have the news too.
Just turn on the TV.
We've got news coming through that the Knox Event has spread...
... internationally.
No-one knows how. No-one knows why.
It's in England, and it's in Africa.
There's pictures of the flu, there's pictures of the infection.
It began here, but now it's there.
Maybe it was everywhere all at once to begin with.
It's out of control.
We will be taking no more calls on crackpot theories.
Today is all about helping people.
Helping us get through.
Some say there's an immunity.
Let's salvage something somehow.
Someone call in.
Someone give us hope.

Day: 8 Start time: 12240 End time: 12600

Hey everyone.
I'm sorry but KnoxTalk is tapping out.
We want to be with our families.
Good luck everyone.
Thanks for calling in.
Maybe we can do it again some day.