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Louisville, KY
Louisville, KY
Louisville thumb.png
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Isometric view of Louisville
20-22 000 (estimated)
"Gateway to the South"
United States of America
In-game maps
Breaking News. The Knox Event infection is sweeping through Louisville.
— Diane, WBLN News

Louisville, Kentucky, also known as "Gateway to the South," stands as the largest city within Knox Country. Established in 1778, this metropolis is comprised of an array of neighborhoods, offering everything from tall high rises to dilapidated districts. As a major urban area, the city's vast commercial regions promise a massive abundance of supplies, but survivors should be wary of the exceedingly high zombie population that plagues its streets.


Louisville, as a city, encompasses a variety of settings. From its downtown area replete with iconic landmarks to its industrious infrastructure, the city's history is palpable in its structures and avenues. Due to its size and population, Louisville hosts a significant number of public services. This includes a major hospital, an expansive police station with an attatched prison, and multiple large fire stations.

Many of Knox Country's largest corporations have their head offices spread throughout Louisville. Including food chains Spiffo's and Jay's Chicken, fuel giants Fossoil and Gas 2 Go, and media such as LBMW and KnoxTalk Radio.


The outbreak of the Knox Event on July 6th brought swift military intervention. In anticipation of the impending crisis, the US Military began erecting fences and setting up fortified border posts, sealing off the city and establishing the Knox Exclusion Zone. By July 9th (the game's default start date) accessing Louisville became near-impossible bar a few guarded checkpoints. The city was quarantined due to the threat of the Knox Infection. The situation deteriorated rapidly, and by July 14th Louisville was completely overwhelmed by the Knox Infection.


Louisville has many districts that make up the vast expanse of the city. Everything from strip clubs to farmland can be found within its borders.

Central business district

The Louisville central business district takes up the majority of the North of the city. It includes commercial, residential, and office spaces. It's local university has led to a burst in high skill workers which can be seen in the number of offices and professional services throughout the city.

Residential districts

Louisville is home to multiple large residential districts. While some have their names known, most do not.

Notable named residential areas include Leafhill Heights in the South-West, and Evergreen Hill in the South-East.

Commercial districts

Louisville's large population has led to significant commercial districts opening, particularly close to major residential districts. Examples include the expansive Grand Ohio Mall, which is just one of the multiple malls and shopping centers that can be found in the city, and the entertainment district which can be found in the North of Central Louisville.

Industrial districts

Louisville has two main industrial districts. The first is large industrial estate in the North-West of the city, and includes the Fossoil refinery, multiple warehouses, and factories. With the second smaller industrial estate on the Southern outskirts of the city, made up of various factories. Other industrial areas do exist in Louisville, but these two are the main industrial zones.

LSU campus

The Louisville State University campus is located South-West of the city center, and is a highly populated region. It contains two main dormitories, two educational buildings, a staff office, a sporting center, a running track, and a football field.


In order to reduce bloat, generic, un-named, or unknown businesses will not have their own article.

For the most comprehensive list of named businesses, see the "businesses" box at the bottom of the page.

Central Louisville

The following tables list every business and landmark found in 'Central Louisville' and includes the majority of the central business district.

Restaurants & Entertainment

Business Type Coordinates
Cafe Ole Café 12710x1329
American Eats Restaurant 12779x1215
Bakery Bakery 12485x1668
Bakery Bakery 13110x1508
Bakery Bakery 13177x1275
Bakery Bakery 12615x1401
Bar Bar 12401x1540
Bar Bar 12613x1367
Bar Bar 12459x1375
Bar Bar 13108x1567
Bar Bar 13111x1527
Bar Bar 13176x1282
Club Pamplemousse de la Croix Club 13168x1773
Sweets Satisfaction Fast food 12753x1205
The Velvet Tassel Strip club 12313x1275
Beever's Bar 12368x1420
The Hardy Har Bar Bar 12580x1912
Bloomin' Coffee Café 12436x1486
Buffet Restaurant 12370x1723
Golden Dragon Buffet Restaurant 12573x1885
Burgers Restaurant 12375x1547
Burger joint Restaurant 12643x1365
Burger joint Restaurant 12320x1247
Burger joint Restaurant 13110x1485
Pizzeria Pizzeria 13110x1595
Café Café 12613x1632
Café Café 12615x2056
Café Café 12883x2024
Cafe of Wonders Café 13174x1677
Chief Steakhouse & Bar Restaurant 12732x1156
Churns-R-Us Restaurant 12643x1160
Coffee Nirvana Café 12629x2327
Di Marco Bakery 12575x1783
Dogs A-Flamin' Restaurant 13078x1588
Diner Restaurant 12484x2051
Emma's Eatery Restaurant 12882x2055
Expresso Espress Café 13181x1724
Forno Della Mamma Restaurant 12573x2088
Fryer Tooks Fish N' Chips Restaurant 12376x1366
Hickory Bakery Box Bakery 12926x1488
I ❤️ Wok & Rolls Restaurant 12378x1537


Jaime's Jam Delights Bakery 12578x2003
Jay's Chicken Restaurant 12741x2229
Maison du Boeuf Restaurant 12570x1595
Milk Monarchy Restaurant 12517x1324
Nat's Cafe Café 13167x2130
O'Briens Kitchen Restaurant 12374x1478
Pile o' Crepe Restaurant 12639x1262
Pizza Whirled Restaurant 12478x1330
Red Brick Restaurant Restaurant 12784x1675
Restaurant Restaurant 12611x1426
Italian Restaurant Restaurant 12613x1681
Restaurant Restaurant 12602x2321
Restaurant Restaurant 12691x1190
Restaurant Restaurant 12725x1184
Restaurant Restaurant 12699x1972
Restaurant Restaurant 12911x1480
Restaurant Restaurant 13179x1233
Restaurant Restaurant 12615x2207
Seahorse Coffee Café 12568x1634
Shaken and Stirred Bar 13178x1729
Sooky's Restaurant 13181x1704
Spiffo's Restaurant 12310x1930
Spiffo's HQ Restaurant 12707x1620
Supper Delight Restaurant 13178x1581
Sushi restaurant Restaurant 13110x1537
Taco del Pancho Restaurant 12578x2072
Tastee Foodz Restaurant 12663x2200
The Black Saddle Bar 13189x1331
The Blue Fox Bar 12660x1155
The Sea Shanty Restaurant 12846x1210
The Slugger Bar 12326x1301
The Wooden Stein Restaurant 12783x1296
Tim's Bakery Bakery 12634x1210
Tomcat Tavern Bar 12906x1359
Yummmers Restaurant 12881x1330
Genny's Diner Diner 12716x1212
Eluee Arena Arena 13025x1391
Art gallery Art gallery 12513x1448
Art Gallery of Louisville Art gallery 12552x1386
Romero Center for the Performing Arts Theatre 12522x1748
StarEPlex Theatre 12458x1266
Theatre Theatre 12331x1368
Eden's Oasis Leisure center 12765x1268
Fossoil Field Field 13016x1578
Fun Xtreme Entertainment center 12363x1317
Nite Glo Night club 12423x1323
Juke Box Bowling Bowling alley 12421x2067
Roxy's Roller Rink Roller skate rink 12967x1429
Louisville Boat Club Boat club 12756x1143


Business Type Coordinates
First Train Inn Motel 12618x2353
Red Owl Inn Motel 12348x1255
Sleep Eazzze Inn Motel 12483x1482
Motel Motel 12684x2281
The Havisham Hotel Suites Hotel 12615x1313


Business Type Coordinates
Pharmahug Pharmacy 12807x1332
Pharmacy Pharmacy 13111x1556
Louisville General Hospital Hospital 12936x2047
Medical Center Medical center 12421x1760
Med U Well Medical center 12943x1488

Retail & Commercial

Business Type Coordinates
Antique store Antique store 13111x1443
Snacks stall Stall 12556x1113
From the Dugout Gift shop 13038x1639
Gift store Gift store 13114x1578
Gift store Gift store 12956x1671
Awl Work and Sew Play Sewing store 12485x1694
Sewing store Sewing store 12935x1842
BBBQ Grill store 12910x1394
Greene's Grocery store 12614x1705
La Vie En Gastronomie Grocery store 12578x1292
The Plump Cornucopia Grocery store 12736x1215
5 Bux or Less Corner store 12474x2080
Conven-U-Mart Grocery store 12375x1566


Jimmy's Pre-owned Cars Car dealership 13144x1452
Milk N' More Convenience store 12667x2127
Sporting goods store Sporting goods 13110x1520
Convenience store Convenience store 12298x1246
Nourish Food Mart Conveniencestore 12298x1246
Grocery store Grocery store 12401x1631
Supermarket Supermarket 12915x1671
General store General store 12409x1735
Corner store Corner store 12611x1870
Corner store Corner store 12917x1910
Corner store Corner store 12637x1637
Martin's Essentials & Laundry Corner store/Laundromat 12489x1995
Food Market Grocery store 12482x1930
Upscale Mobility Auto Dealership Car dealership 13154x1380
Zippee Market Convenience store 12517x1484
Awl Work and Sew Play Sewing store 13178x1556
Better Furnishings Furniture store 12664x2168
Kitchenwares store Kitchenwares store 12428x1369
Music Store Music Store 12403x1389
Book Naked Book store 12368x1506
Book store Book store 12530x1256
Bernard's Book Emporium Book store 12551x1930
Book store Book store 12809x1311
Book store Book store 13178x1250
Cally's Gifts Gift store 12658x2216
Camera store Camera store 13109x1473
Candy store Candy store 13180x1256
Cardinal Plaza Mall 12869x1331
Barg-N-Clothes Clothing store 12407x1559
Clothing store Clothing store 12543x1253
Clothing store Clothing store 12611x2178
Clothing store Clothing store 12569x2110
Clothing store Clothing store 12833x1297
Clothing store Clothing store 12908x1468
Clothing store Clothing store 13176x1292
Cooking store Cooking store 13111x1601
Dressed to the 90s Clothing store 12575x1328
E.P. Tools Hardware store 13178x1546
Electron House Electronics store 13175x1640
Electronics store Electronics store 12514x1669
Family Fashion Clothing store 12376x1613
FashionaBelle Clothing store 13179x1627
Filigree Fashions Clothing store 12576x2014
Gun store Gun store 12356x1719
Hardware store Hardware store 12542x2111
Jewelery store Jewelery store 12616x1623
Hit Vids! VHS store 12793x1213
Hugo Plush Clothing store 12775x1332
Laces Shoe store 12544x1331
Liquorty-Split Liquor store 12612x2294
Lola Limon Clothing store 12826x1332
Palette Pop Art Supplies Art store 13177x1747
Pawn $$$hop Pawn shop 12314x1329
Pawn shop Pawn shop 12485x1380
Phil's Fine & Fair Pawn Shop Pawn shop 12372x1475
Posh Box Clothing store 12540x1316
Purrfect Barkner Pet Supplies Pet store 12880x2083
American Tire Auto parts store 13113x1761
Sasha Sashay Clothing store 12737x1334
Furniture store Furniture store 13113x1444
Seat Yourself Furniture Furniture store 12750x1335
Sheba Jewellers Jewelery store 12662x1187
Movie rental VHS store 13114x1455
Shoed for the Stars Clothing store 12491x1436
Spitfire Fashion Clothing store 13181x1711
Stationery store Stationery store 12652x1186
Sucrafruit Circus Candy store 13180x1635
The Exquisite Pearl Jewelery store 12529x1337
The Top Hanger Clothing store 12689x1213
Thumbs of Green Garden store 13131x1777
Gift store Gift store 13112x1577
Gift store Gift store 13178x1269
Toyz Toyz Toyz Toy store 12578x1309
Yuri Design Clothing store 12802x1216
Zac's Hardware Hardware store 12376x1379
Hair dresser Hair dresser 12468x1726
Hair dresser Hair dresser 12660x2272
Hair dresser Hair dresser 12873x2023
Hair O Genesis Hair dresser 12828x1216
Be Beauty Nail salon 12577x1931
Nail salon Nail salon 12566x2071
Haircuts n' More Hair dresser 12301x1334
Neon Flower Salon Hair dresser 12650x1212
Purple + Black Clothing Store 12663x1214
Tattoo 42 Tattoo parlor 12364x1645
Sweet Sugar Beauty Hair dresser 12576x1618
Courthouse Court house 12465x1542
Sunset Pines Funeral Home Funeral home 13170x1524
A&S Trading Co. Office 12484x1732
Alliance Data Entry Office 12662x2225
Bail Bonds Office 12378x1620
Reed Office Building Office 12574x1837
Bateman Office Building Office 12776x1524
E. Wrayburn Building Office 12662x1413
Body Chisel Gym & Fitness Gym 12613x1158
Boxing gym Gym 13133x1577
Discount Account Office 12328x1316
Offices (LSU Campus) Office 12482x1970
Carton & Sydney Law Services Office 12573x1752
Evan Philips Tax & Accounting Office 13180x1718
Millhauser Office Building Office 12663x2240
Fossoil Gas station 12998x2160
A-1 Laundry Laundromat 13180x1618
Laundr-o-max Laundromat 12872x2084
Laundromat Laundromat 13212x1351
Laundromat Laundromat 12307x1373
Coin Op Laundromat Laundromat 12376x1527
Laundromat Laundromat 12728x2022
Laundromat Laundromat 12613x2189
Laundromat Laundromat 13177x1261
Laundromat Laundromat 12567x2086
Gas 2 Go Gas station 12701x2227
GigaMart HQ Office 12642x1677
Goodman Legal Services Office 13180x1610
HomeWard Real Estate Office 13181x1672
Keep Afloat Debt Consolidation Office 12882x2067
R. Johnson Office Building Office 12639x2016
Jays Chicken HQ Office 12788x2225
Knox Bank Bank 12564x1698
Sky Blue Banking Bank 13121x2164
Bank Bank 12614x1583
Knox Pack Kitchens HQ Office 12917x1441
Markson & Co. Office 12662x2225
Mind Peace Insurance Office 12447x1487
Orio Office Place Office 12761x1625
Walter & Perry Legal Firm Office 12572x1673
United Shipping Logistics Office 12658x2216
Valu In$urance Office 12378x1627
Yoga Studio Gym 12714x1188
Sure Fitness & Boxing Club Gym 12307x1432
T.I.S. Construction Office 12667x2138
The Real Sweat Gym 12856x1374
Raney & Daye Investment Firm Office 12570x1437
Sky Blue Banking Bank 13118x2167
Have a Butcher's Butcher 12487x1445
Barber of Yorke Hair dresser 12376x1643
Topcrown Plaza Office 12659x1613
Louisville Animal Hospital Vet 12574x1988
Mead, Drink and Bloody Merry Brewery 13178x1687
BoxPop Brewery Brewery 13177x1589
Knox Distillery Brewery 12918x1373
TURBO TV station 13048x1470
Sanguine Spirits Brewery 12702x1154
LBMW Network TV station 12338x2063
LBMW - Kentucky Radio Radio station 12466x1784
Triple-N TV station 12626x1924
ABCDriving School Driving school 12658x2206
Family Funzone Kids play center 13126x1671

Community services

Business Type Coordinates
Brooks Public Library of Louisville Library 12559x1468
Library Library 12935x1911
County Clerk and Records Government office 12629x1470
Fire Station Fire station 12354x1757
KY Transit Bus station 12549x2320
Louisville Police Department and Detention Services Police station 12466x1609
Police station Police station 12953x1375
U.S. Mail Service Post office 12618x2075
Bluegrass State High School School 13048x1711
Shady Oaks Nursing Home Nursing home 13081x2028
Central Louisville Community Center Community center 12849x1692
Church of the Risen Christ Church 12410x1464
St. Michael's Cathederal Church 12759x1394
City Hall City hall 12564x1529
School School 12423x1858
Prison Prison 12411x1597
Repurposed building for military use Military 12415x1421
Louisville Expo Center Expo center 12956x1298
Louisville Animal Shelter Animal shelter 12255x1435


Business Type Coordinates
High Street Apartments Residential 12838x1469
The Waterfront Residential 13038x1208
Large apartment building Residential 12775x1838


Business Type Coordinates
L&B Warehousing Warehouse 12793x2186
Warehouse Warehouse 12714x2182
Warehouse Warehouse 12270x1313
Abandoned Warehouse Corp. Warehouse 12705x2123
Mechanic Mechanic 12663x2067
Storage units Storage facility 12709x2000
U-Store It Storage facility 13110x1704
Louisville Train Station Train station 12686x2339
Car Fix-Ation Mechanic 12648x2115
Autorepair Mechanic 12551x2409
Perfick Potato Co. Factory 12265x1346

Louisville Park

The following tables list every business and landmark found in the large park in the middle of Louisville.

Restaurant & Entertainment

Business Type Coordinates
Bar Bar 13225x2654
Churns-R-Us Restaurant 13331x2493
Wellington Heights Golf Club Golf club 12961x2242

Community services

Business Type Coordinates
Mounted Police Training Police training center 13038x2823
Park Center Information center 13386x2369

Evergreen Hill

The following tables list every business and landmark found in 'Evergreen Hill' located to the East of Louisville Park.

The name Evergreen Hill comes from Evergreen Hill Community Center and Evergreen Public School.

Restaurant & Entertainment

Business Type Coordinates
Bakery Bakery 13580x2131
Cafe d'Eris Café 13529x2144
Pizza Whirled Restaurant 13519x2112

Retail & Commercial

Business Type Coordinates
Food Market Grocery store 13780x2539
Greene's Grocery store 13509x2145
Beer & Liquor Liquor store 13580x2143
Gas 2 Go Gas station 13553x2130

Community services

Business Type Coordinates
Police station Police station 13780x2557
Fire station Fire station 13941x3045
Evergreen Hill Community Center Community center 13691x2796
Evergreen Public School School 13580x2747
Church Religious building 13669x2546

Industrial estate

The following tables list every business and landmark found in the main industrial estate, to the West of Central Louisville.

Retail & Commercial

Business Type Coordinates
Beer & Liquor Liquor store 12229x1344
Maps Unlimited Map store 12228x1621
Ready Prep Army Issue Surplus Surplus store 12219x1320
Fossoil Gas station 12259x1619


Business Type Coordinates
Aitor Wire Company Factory 12171x1454
Al's Auto Shop Mechanic 12267x1566
Heavy Duty Garage Mechanic/HQ 12272x1685
Andrei & Son Hand-Crafted Wallets Factory 12219x1570
Brac Brick Factory Factory 12107x1261
Egener EX Factory 12175x1278
Jim's Autoshop Mechanic 12231x1379
Kitten Knives Factory 12167x1395
Mass-Genfac Co. Factory 12103x1325
Newton Freight Warehouse Warehouse 12167x1594
Louisville industrial substation Other 12089x1752
Rely Manufacturing Co. Factory 12010x1824
Scarlet Oak Distillery Factory 12029x1948
Secure Storage Storage facility 12173x1329
United Shipping Logistics Warehouse 12210x1352
Warehouse Warehouse 12195x1687
Fossoil HQ Office 12077x1612
Gas 2 Go HQ Office 12073x1430

South Louisville

The following tables list every business and landmark found in South Louisville, located below the Louisville park, but North of the East-West major road.

Restaurants & Entertainment

Business Type Coordinates
Churns-R-Us Restaurant 13356x3055
Gusto D'Italia Restaurant 13513x3023
I ❤️ Wok & Rolls Restaurant 13336x3056
Jay's Chicken Restaurant 13467x2975
Ol' Scratch Bar 13182x2974
Pizza Whirled Restaurant 13169x3028
Spiffo's Restaurant 13453x2930
Deep Fried Heaven Fast food 13165x2978
Taco del Pancho Restaurant 13527x3020
Tita Maria's Cantina Restaurant 13303x2973

Retail & Commercial

Business Type Coordinates
Awl Work and Sew Play Sewing store 13366x3053
Grill store Grill store 13325x3070
Time 4 Sport Sporting goods 13300x3056
GigaMart Supermarket 13440x3060
Food Market Grocery store 13563x3029
Greene's Grocery store 13332x2960
Zippee Market Convenience store 12999x3115
Supermarket Supermarket 12754x2939
Barg-N-Clothes Clothing store 13300x3056
Book Naked Book store 13379x3053
Book store Book store 13219x2974
Clothing store Clothing store 13551x3090
Farming shop Garden shop 13222x3024
Furniture store Furniture store 13380x3073
Hardware store Hardware store 13367x3072
Hardware store Hardware store 13526x3089
Hugo Plush Clothing store 13391x3052
Liquorty-Split Liquor store 13544x3029
Pawn shop Pawn shop 13118x2974
South Louisville mall Mall 13345x3063
Toyz Toyz Toyz Toy store 13324x3055
Canto Records Recording studio 13382x2929
Fossoil Gas station 12909x3033
Gas 2 Go Gas station 13382x2965
Knox Bank Bank 13597x3023
Martin's Essentials & Laundry Laundromat/Corner store 13505x3092
Coin Op Laundromat Laundromat 13337x2940
Hair O Genesis Hair dresser 13331x2970
American Tire Auto parts store 13284x2963
Beer & Liquor Liquor store 13252x2984
Pet Health Pawmise Vet 13211x3042
Accountant Office 13313x3074
Butcher Butcher 13280x3027
Bakery Bakery 13279x3015

Community services

Business Type Coordinates
Police station Police station 13215x3087
Church Church 13171x3161
St. Vincent De Paul Church Church 12879x2851
South Louisville Elementary School 12970x3223


Business Type Coordinates
Residential area Residential 12772x3191
Large suburbs Residential 13396x3272


Business Type Coordinates
Med U Well Pharmacy 13224x2973


Business Type Coordinates
Garage for lease Mechanic 13140x3021

Southern outskirts & border

The following tables list every business and landmark found on the Southern outskirts of the city, and the border fence.

Restaurants & Entertainment

Business Type Coordinates
Blue Plate Diner Restaurant 13235x3483
Pizza Whirled Restaurant 12436x3834
Burned down Pizza Whirled Restaurant 13694x4111
Burned down Bakery Bakery 13584x4103
Burned down Bakery Bakery 13661x4057
Burned down Restaurant Restaurant 13662x4065
Spiffo's Restaurant 12443x3785
Burgers Stall 12500x4071
Summer fair Other 13703x3687


Business Type Coordinates
Econo Rooms Motel 13219x3522

Community services

Business Type Coordinates
Burned down Police station Police station 13669x4118
Burned down Church Religious building 13589x4063
Burned down Library Library 13698x4053

Retail & Commercial

Business Type Coordinates
Discount Account Office 12626x3666
Evan Philips Tax & Accounting Office 12561x3626
Fossoil Gas station 12441x3537
KPK Consulting Business Investments Office 12631x3487
Line by Line Designs Office 12554x3764
Speedy Legal Office 12628x3502
United Shipping Logistics Office 12626x3704
The Kentucky Herald Newspaper 12596x3554
Valu In$urance Office 12559x3616
Mashie Signs & Paintings Office 12605x3701
Burned down Gas station Gas station 11599x8259
Burned down Laundromat Laundromat 13642x4070
Burned down Liquor store Liquor store 11687x8367


Business Type Coordinates
St. Peregrin Hospital Hospital 12397x3686
Burned down Pharmacy Pharmacy 13661x4049


Business Type Coordinates
Kentucky Rail Office 12549x4362
Car Fix-Ation Mechanic 12609x3516
Bow Wow Wow! Dog Nutrition Factory 12556x3525
Mass-Genfac Co. Warehouse 12546x3646
Ivanov Factory & Showroom Factory 12605x3624
Knox Pack Kitchens Factory 12611x3748
Steely Revolve Metal Working Factory 12580x3646
ValuTech HQ Factory 12556x3699
U.S. Mail Service Warehouse 12579x3584


Business Type Coordinates
Residential area Residential 12791x3605
Military homes Residential 12728x3972
Louisville border camp Other 12497x4050


Business Type Coordinates
Army checkpoint Military 12674x4402
Small military checkpoint Military 13425x4073
Small military checkpoint Military 14525x4017
Military tower Military tower 13617x4098

South East Louisville

The following tables list every business and landmark found South East of Evergreen Hill.

Restaurants & Entertainment

Business Type Coordinates
Al's Ales and All Bar 13950x3130
Happy Restaurant Restaurant 13960x3207
The Cosy Crockpot Restaurant 13956x3190

Retail & Commercial

Business Type Coordinates
A.A.Ron Hunting Supply Gun store 13958x3230
Milk N' More Grocery store 13959x3244
Beer + Liquor Liquor store 13959x3202
CandyTown, USA Candy store 13951x3149
E.P. Tools Hardware store 13956x3101
Family Fashion Clothing store 13948x3135
Evan Philips Tax & Accounting Office 13959x3090
Gas 2 Go Gas station 13959x3275
Barber+Styling Hair dresser 13951x3149
HomeWard Real Estate Office 13952x3167
Brighted Whites Laundromat 13959x3216
Legal Services Office 13958x3117
Valu In$urance Office 13952x3123

East Louisville

The following tables list every business and landmark found in 'East Louisville' Located to the East of Central Louisville, and West of The Grand Ohio Mall.

Restaurants & Entertainment

Business Type Coordinates
Burgers Restaurant 13204x1288
Seahorse Coffee Café 13211x1383
Diner Restaurant 13342x1735
Ice Ice Tasty Restaurant 13241x1287
Jay's Chicken Restaurant 13364x1353
Pile o' Crepe Restaurant 13422x1422
Pizza Whirled Restaurant 13472x1411
Restaurant Restaurant 13239x1700
Restaurant Restaurant 13250x2162
Dotty 4 Donuts Restaurant 13473x1354
Spiffo's Restaurant 13299x1349
The Orange Anchor Bar 13265x1286


Business Type Coordinates
Pharmahug Pharmacy 13232x1288

Retail & Commercial

Business Type Coordinates
Book store Book store 13236x1658
Scenic Mile Car Dealership Car dealership 13244x1328
Zippee Market Supermarket 13209x1405
Clothing store Clothing store 13236x1675
Clothing store Clothing store 13463x1318
Dressed to the 90s Clothing store 13330x1295
Food Market Grocery store 13344x1753
Convenience store Convenience store 13249x2108
Greene's Grocery store 13357x1294
Milk N' More Grocery store 13374x2281
Grocery store Grocery store 13241x1631
5 Bux or Less Cornerstore 13318x1295
Hit Vids! VHS store 13425x1295
Kegsplosion Liquor store 13437x1295
Clothing store Clothing store 13249x2136
Laundromat Laundromat 13249x2148
Noteworthy Music store 13213x1285
Sammie's Department store 13423x1461
Gift store Gift store 13249x2122
Window Furniture store 13410x1292
Worm of Books Book store 13342x1296
Your Closet Clothing store 13220x1285
Zac's Hardware Hardware store 13312x1301
Go Flash Camera store 13366x1319
Fossoil Gas station 13375x1415
Laundromat Laundromat 13239x1685
Laundromat Laundromat 13209x1350
Hair dresser Hair dresser 13212x1394
Hair O Genesis Hair dresser 13257x1287
ABCDriving School Driving school 13312x1314
Inkr Alley Tattoo parlor 13249x1286
Knox Bank Bank 13405x1351


Business Type Coordinates
Chugg's Brewery 13324x1241
Louisville Bruiser Baseball bat factory 13243x1240

Far East Louisville

The following tables list every business and landmark found in 'Far East Louisville' located south of The Grand Ohio Mall, and North of Evergreen Hills.

Restaurants & Entertainment

Business Type Coordinates
Bakery Bakery 13668x1741
Seahorse Coffee Café 13518x1713
Black Liquorice Bar 13610x1618
Diner Restaurant 13563x1535
Louisville Music Festival Music festival 13750x1939
Burgers Stall 13731x1897
Pizza Whirled Stall 13766x1872

Retail & Commercial

Business Type Coordinates
Better Furnishings Furniture store 13550x1520
Zippee Market Supermarket 13521x1669
Furniture store Furniture store 13676x1572
Milk N' More Grocery store 13947x2239
Gun store Gun store 13591x1535
Liquor store Liquor store 13667x1731
Gas 2 Go Gas station 13611x1531
Laundromat Laundromat 13580x1534
A-1 Laundry Laundromat 13946x2251
KnoxTalk Radio Radio station 13557x1584
Optima Eyes Optometrist 13613x1599
Finnegan Research Group Office 13598x1698

Community services

Business Type Coordinates
Large Fire Station Fire station 13680x1776


Business Type Coordinates
Family Dentistry Dentist 13603x1571


Business Type Coordinates
Hotel Hotel 13678x1523


Business Type Coordinates
Isolated farmhouses Residential 14571x3137
Large gated community Residential 14116x2799
Apartment buildings Residential 13513x1631
Gated community Residential 13422x1732


Business Type Coordinates
Construction site Construction site 13766x1540
U-Store It Storage facility 13682x1615

Grand Ohio Mall

The following tables list every business and landmark found in The Grand Ohio Mall.

Restaurants & Entertainment

Business Type Coordinates
Expresso Espress Café 13581x1262
Bakery Bakery 13638x1322
Taco cafe Fast food 13628x1322
Jolly Good Fish + Chips Fast food 13636x1271
I ❤️ Wok & Rolls Restaurant 13663x1270
Jay's Chicken Restaurant 13625x1272
Mama McFudgington's Restaurant 13524x1379
Pizza Whirled Restaurant 13650x1270
Spiffo's Restaurant 13657x1322
The Wandering Sashimi Restaurant 13513x1368

Retail & Commercial

Business Type Coordinates
Appliance store Appliance store 13603x1386
Art store Art store 13606x1365
Awl Work and Sew Play Sewing store 13524x1328
BBBQ Grill store 13576x1360
GigaMart Supermarket 13558x1390
Have a Butcher's Butcher 13571x1349
Time 4 Sport Sporting goods 13525x1313
Better Bed Than Dead Furniture store 13522x1348
Book Naked Book store 13523x1394
Cally's Gifts Gift store 13558x1261
Clothing store Clothing store 13605x1350
Shoe store Shoe store 13607x1363
E.P. Tools Hardware store 13513x1316
Electron House Electronics store 13512x1300
FashionaBelle Clothing store 13596x1273
Furniture store Furniture store 13608x1319
Garden shop Garden shop 13549x1361
Hugo Plush Clothing store 13524x1364
Liquor store Liquor store 13606x1334
Lola Limon Clothing store 13522x1271
Music store Music store 13604x1284
Olympia Department Store Department store 13556x1331
Palette Pop Art Supplies Art store 13512x1346
Saucy Clothing store 13540x1264
Sheba Jewellers Jewelery store 13568x1273
Stars & Stripes Gun store 13552x1272
Sunglasses store Sunglasses store 13603x1345
Toyz Toyz Toyz Toy store 13519x1296
Hair dresser Hair dresser 13545x1347
Hair O Genesis Hair dresser 13536x1272
Palm Travel Office 13515x1387


Business Type Coordinates
Pharmahug Pharmacy 13517x1265

Leafhill Heights

The following tables list every business and landmark found in Leafhill Heights, a suburb of Louisville located in the south-west of the city.

The name Leafhill Heights comes from two locations, Leafhill Heights Offices and Leafhill Heights Elementary School.

Restaurants & Entertainment

Business Type Coordinates
Sweet Pea Restaurant Restaurant 12416x2820
Zlatko's Restaurant 12280x2546
Chapelmount Downs Horse track 12222x2756

Retail & Commercial

Business Type Coordinates
Go Flash Camera store 12413x2827
Butcher Butcher 12451x3126
Laundromat Laundromat 12302x2546
Conven-U-Mart Convenience store 12277x2529
GigaMart Supermarket/Gas station 12567x2542
My Sunday Market Grocery store 12439x3113
Zippee Market Supermarket 12223x3030
Hair dresser Hair dresser 12312x2548
Hit Vids! VHS store 12425x2821
Liquorty-Split Liquor store 12412x2848
Jimmy's Pre-owned Cars Car dealership 12373x2541
Back To The Nurture Chiropractic Services Chiropractor 12410x2836
Bank Bank 12534x2588
Holy Haven Cemetary Cemetary 12602x3366
AmeriGlobe Communications Office 12310x3536
Leafhill Heights Offices Office 12238x3538


Business Type Coordinates
Econo Rooms Motel 12422x2781

Community Services

Business Type Coordinates
Bible Spirit Baptist Church Church 12421x3054
Leafhill Heights Elementary School School 12333x3254
Mausoleum Mausoleum 12569x3174


Business Type Coordinates
Appartment Complex Residential 12148x2907

LSU campus

The following table lists every business and landmark found on the LSU campus.

Business Type Coordinates
LSU Head Office School 12403x2256
LSU Library Library 12326x2130
LSU Athletic Center Athletics center 12436x2365
LSU Student Union Restaurant 12328x2211
LSU Attenborough Sciences Building School 12367x2264
LSU Rogers Humanities Building School 12431x2261
LSU South Dorms Residential 12356x2352
LSU West Dorms Residential 12325x2271
LSU football field Field 12362x2464

Western Louisville

The following tables list every business and landmark located in "Western Louisville", located West of the LSU campus, South of the "Industrial Estate", and North of "Leafhill Heights".

Restaurants & Entertainment

Business Type Coordinates
Sweet Eats! Restaurant 12079x2016

Retail & Commercial

Business Type Coordinates
Zippee Market Supermarket 12122x2033
Martin's Essentials & Laundry Gas station/Laundromat 12081x2098
Valu In$urance Office 12101x2016


Business Type Coordinates
Mansions Residential 12036x2593


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This contains a guide on preparing for, entering, and surviving in Louisville

Louisville is the final frontier for any Project Zomboid player. It's high risk, and higher reward. But come unprepared and you'll leave with nothing... If you leave at all.

Should I even go to Louisville?

The first step is to decide whether you want to go to Louisville, and if so, what do you want to accomplish. This will alter your decisions and allow you to plan the best route.

There's no wrong or right answer to this question, it's completely up to you. Taking on Louisville is a big step in any zomboid players career, and one that everyone should make when they're ready.

What should I bring?

Whether you're new to the game, or a veteran, it's best to prepare for any trip to Louisville. It has the highest population of zombies, and even on default settings, the density of zombies can quickly overrun any player.

This is usually the make or break moment for any long trip. Louisville has lots of loot for the taking, but it's heavily guarded by zombies. For example, failing to take enough water can quickly lead to dehydration and death. I recommend the player gather these items before their trip, adjust based on your circumstances.

This is your lifeline, you need a good, reliable vehicle that isn't going to break down the second you get into Louisville. The bigger the storage the better. Consider bringing a trailer.

This goes without saying, you're likely already wearing the best backpack you could find. But if you're not, get at least a hiking backpack.

A nice fresh pot of soup or stew is good short term food. For a longer trip, still bring the pot, but also pack some long term food, canned foods are made exactly for this moment. Beans are excellent for getting calories up before you leave.

Ensure you have plenty of spare water. If you have the high thirst trait, bring double what a normal person would bring. If the water is already out bring even more. Finding water is not a guarantee.

I would strongly recommend bringing at least one of everything. Make yourself a duffel bag filled with medical supplies. Don't forget tweezers and suture needles. Spare beta blockers and painkillers never hurt either.

These can stay in the back of the vehicle. Or even one of your back seats if you have them. This gives you a chance to drive away while grabbing medical supplies should things turn for the worse.

Once again one of each main tool never hurt anybody. Better than turning back home because you forgot a screwdriver. But seriously, do not forget a sledgehammer, check before you leave.

So how do I get in?

There are three main entry points in Louisville, the main entrance via the Dixie Highway, the center checkpoint, and the Eastern checkpoint. Each of these have their various pros and cons, depending where you want to go, and what you want to do.

All entryways require a way to get through the border wall (usually a sledgehammer) in order to bring a vehicle into Louisville.

Dixie Highway

The Dixie highway is the main highway that runs throughout the vast majority of the map. It is a single road that leads all the way to the border of Louisville, and the Army checkpoint. This is the quickest way for the player to access the military gear stored at the army checkpoint, at the trade off of a high population of zombies.

When approaching Louisville via the Dixie highway, the player will begin to encounter obstacles. First a large crash on a bridge forcing the player to go via the rail bridge. Then increasing numbers of zombies until they reach another pile of cars blocking their way into Louisville. At this point you have a couple options.

  1. Exit the car, carefully making your way up to the hole in the fence to continue on foot
  2. Attempt to drive on the dirt around the pileup
  3. Make a path through the cars by either towing, or via metalworking.

Each of these options have their own risk factors the player should consider, factoring in their own skills, and current circumstances.

Center Checkpoint

The center checkpoint is a much quieter location for the player to enter Louisville, it can be accessed easily by turning off the Dixie highway just before the bends into the main entrance. Then following the road East until you reach your first left hand turn with matching road color. Then head North until you reach the border fence.

Once the player breaks through the fence, they have direct access straight into South Louisville, but will have less immediate access to loot.

Eastern Checkpoint

The Eastern checkpoint is again quieter for the player to enter Louisville, but is harder to get to due to its distance from major roads. The player can access it by following the instructions for the center checkpoint, but instead of turning they continue East. Keep traveling as far East as possible and take the last left. If you reach the end of the road turn around and take your first right. Then head North until you reach the checkpoint.

Once the player has removed the fence they can enter Louisville. Basic military loot can be found in the checkpoint. Continuing to travel North will bring them out into far South-East Louisville.

I'm in, now what?

Well, that mostly depends what you came here for. Depending on which entrance you came in, you'll find yourself on one of two roads: the main highway running straight North into Central Louisville, or the East-West road running across the entirety of South Louisville.

Both of these roads will have significant zombie populations. The Northern road significantly more. If you're looking for a fight, that's the way to go. Slowly work your way up the road taking out any zombies you come across. When working with large hordes, some players like to use fire. Zombies will set each other on fire and the player can lead them around until they die.

Use the project zomboid map to find the best route to your destination. Using vehicles and sledgehammers will attract zombies, but they're the best way to loot, try to clear any areas before entering, and always expect more.

Good luck, and remember... This is how you died.


  • Louisville is not available as a spawn location due to it being quarantined in lore until after the default start date.
  • The player can find many of the locations heard about in radio reports in Louisville, including the location of General John McGrew's speech at the border.
  • Louisville is expected to get at least one 'skyscraper' in build 42 as part of the height limit changes, as per this dev log.Future
  • In the 1990s, the population of Louisville was recorded at 269,063, as per Wikipedia.


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