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Louisville, KY
Louisville thumb.png
Type City
Population 20-22 000 (estimated)
Established 1778
Motto "Gateway to the South"
State Kentucky
Country United States of America
Coordinates Show location on an interactive map12500x1800
“Breaking News. The Knox Event infection is sweeping through Louisville.”
— Diane, WBLN News

Louisville, Kentucky, commonly referred to as the "Gateway to the South", stands as the largest city within Knox Country. Established in 1778, this metropolis is comprised of a diverse array of neighborhoods and offers everything from tall highrises to dilapidated districts. As a major urban area, the city's vast commercial regions promise a massive abundance of supplies, but survivors should be wary of the exceedingly high zombie population that plagues its streets.


Louisville, as a city, encompasses a variety of settings. From its lively downtown area replete with iconic landmarks to its industrious fringes, which underpin its infrastructural might, the city's longstanding history is palpable in its structures and avenues. Specialized infrastructure in Louisville includes a major hospital, an expansive police station, and a colossal shopping mall.

The outbreak of the Knox Event on July 6th brought swift military intervention. In anticipation of the impending crisis, the US Military began erecting fences and setting up fortified border posts, sealing off the city and establishing the Knox Exclusion Zone. By July 9th, the game's default start date, accessing Louisville became near-impossible, save for a few guarded checkpoints, with the city effectively quarantined due to the threat of the Knox Infection. The situation deteriorated rapidly, and by July 14th Louisville was completely overwhelmed by the Knox Infection. As such, Louisville isn't available as a spawn location for players.

Notable Landmarks


Romuald dron memorial park.png




  • In the 1990s, the population of Louisville was recorded at 269,063, as per Wikipedia.


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