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Category Literature
Heavy Load
Consumed True
Technical details
Base ID Base.Magazine
PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about the consumable item affecting the player's mood. For magazines that teach recipes, see Recipe Magazines.

A magazine is a literature item.


A magazine reduces a medium amount of boredom and a small amount of stress. Once used it is effectively 'consumed' and disappears from the player's inventory.


It can also be used as a fuel for a heat source, and lasts for 15 mins if done so.


Magazines are commonly found in the drawers and closets of many houses, but can also be found in crates and in kitchen counters.


Building/Room Container Rolls Chance
Zippeestore Counter 1 2 (x4)
Magazine Shelf 4 2 (x12)
Crate 4 2 (x4)
Grocery Bin 1 2
Counter 4 2 (x4)
Magazine Shelf 4 2 (x12)
Crate 4 2 (x4)
Fossoil Counter 4 2 (x4)
Magazine Shelf 4 2 (x12)
Crate 4 2 (x4)
Bedroom Small Table 3 2
All Mail Boxes 3 2
Male Corpse 1 1
Magazine Shelf 5 2 (x6)
Desk 1 2
Filing Cabinet 1 4
Small Table 1 4
Bin 1 2
Office Drawers 1 3 (+2)
Shelves 3 20
Other 1 1
Purse 1 3
Garbage Bag 1 1
Kitchen Shelves 2 10
Plaza Store Counter 1 2
Library Counter 4 2
Bar Shelves 4 2
Bin 1 2
Clothes Store Counter 3 1
Motel Room Bin 1 2
Other 1 2
Empty All 1 0.3
Post Storage All 3 30 (+20 x3)
Furniture Store Counter 3 1
Storage Unit All 3 2
Fishing Storage Counter 10 2
Theatre Counter 3 2
Theatre Kitchen Counter 2 2
Theatre Storage Crate 2 2
Corner Store Magazine Shelf 2 3
Houseware Store Shelves 3 3
Shoe Store Counter 3 1
Gift Storage Crate 3 3 (+2)
Shelves 3 4
Display Case 3 4
Counter 3 1
Toy Store Shelves 3 2
Electronics Store Counter 3 2
Shelves 3 2
Sewing Store Counter 3 2
Shelves 3 2
Medical Counter 3 3
Hall Counter 3 8 (x3)


Profession Container Rolls Chance
All Glove Box 1 3
Seat 1 3
Post Van Trunk 4 20
4 20
4 20
4 20


  • The person appearing on the cover is a reference to a game Chris Simpson and Andy Hodgetts worked on prior to Project Zomboid, called The Forgotten Element. It was a traditional point-and-click adventure game featuring a "colourful" protagonist by the name of Mia (cover), who is found naked in the woods of the decaying Seahorse Island, by Dr. Carter, upon whom takes her to the local hospital, where she is dressed in a nurse's attire.



From items.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 39.67.5
	item Magazine
		Weight		= 0.2,
		Type		= Literature,
		DisplayName	= Magazine,
		StressChange	= -15,
		Icon		= Magazine,
		BoredomChange	= -20,

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