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Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is a zombie survival RPG for Windows, Mac and Linux. The game is currently in a pre alpha phase and is being made by independent developers, The Indie Stone.

The game will be developed in a similar style to Minecraft, where there will be continual updates that people who have bought the game will have access to. These updates will add new features, weapons, game-play and locations.

PZwiki now has a channel on the same IRC server as Project Zomboid. Click here for a web based chat client, alternatively join and join #pzwiki. You can also follow us on Twitter! @drzomboid

If you have found a bug for Project Zomboid, you can report it to our Dedicated bug tracker.

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Current version: Pre alpha tech demo
Version history

Due to various problems with both Google checkout and Paypal, it is not currently possible to buy Project Zomboid directly. You do however get it absolutely free when you buy one of the Indie Stones other great games!

A free to play public demo will be released shortly!

Items and Game Mechanics
The Game World

Knox County

Animals (doesn't exist yet)
Neutral (doesn't exist yet)
Factions (doesn't exist yet)

More things would need to go here!

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