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March Ridge Map
Muldraugh Map
Riverside Map
Rosewood Map
Westpoint Map

There are 5 in game maps for the different cities including March Ridge, Muldraugh, Westpoint, Rosewood and Riverside. Maps can be found in containers at gas stations and on zombie corpses.

Many players use maps to keep track of what houses they have looted.

A special Annotated Map can be found as loot on zombie corpses. The Annotated Maps may have markings to "Survivor Houses" which usually have boarded windows, a stockpile of canned goods and weapons.

Available Maps

Item Description Weight Classname
March Ridge Map
- 0.1 Base.MarchRidgeMap
Muldraugh Map
- 0.1 Base.MuldraughMap
Westpoint Map
- 0.1 Base.WestpointMap
Rosewood Map
- 0.1 Base.RosewoodMap
Riverside Map
- 0.1 Base.RiversideMap
Annotated Map
Similar to a treasure map, this map will have annotations or markings for special locations. 0.1 -

Writing on a map

Right clicking on a map will allow you to read the map. A new window with the enlarged version of the map will appear you can add symbols, write notes and zoom in and out of the maps. A pen Pen or pencil Pencil is required to write on the map and an eraser Eraser is needed to remove markings. If the options for "Add Note" "Remove Marking" or "Add Symbol" do not appear make sure your pen, pencil or eraser is in your main inventory.

In game map with notations

Available Symbols

The following symbols or icons can be added to the map using the Add Symbol button.

  • Apple
  • Arrow (North, South, East, West)
  • Exclamation Mark
  • Garbage/Trash Can
  • House
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Pad Lock
  • Circle
  • Question Mark
  • Skull and Crossbones
  • Target (Circle with a cross)
  • Trap or Jail
  • X


Additional Notes

  • Maps can be renamed.
  • Unlike mini maps common in most video games your characters location will not appear on these maps.
  • There is currently no map for Valley Station the city North East of Westpoint.
  • There are no road maps or larger atlas type maps connecting the towns.

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