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March Ridge

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Project ZomboidWorldLocationsMarch Ridge
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March Ridge
March Ridge
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Isometric view of March Ridge
"Your Country, Your Home"
United States of America
Map location


March Ridge is a small gated military town in Knox Country and is located south of Muldraugh, and south-east of Rosewood, with Dixie Highway (Route 31W) running on the east side. While March Ridge is mostly a residential area, and also has a somewhat high zombie population, it has a large amount of loot in the business district located in the middle of the town.

March Ridge is an overall medium difficulty town, being harder to survive in than Rosewood or Riverside, but easier than Muldraugh. The zombie population tends to be broader and more spread out, and the large amounts of firearm spawns, especially within the Knox Military Apartments, makes the zombies relatively easily manageable by a reasonably-skilled player. Some notable locations in town include the Knox Military Apartments, the March Ridge Community Center, the large Nourish Food Mart, and the post office.


March Ridge can generally be divided into two districts.


The eastern and western sides of town are dominated by two large residential districts. The houses are one-to-two story townhomes, and can be cramped inside. Each house is relatively small, so less loot than usual may spawn if these houses spawn as boarded up "survivor homes". The zombie population in the residential districts tends to be relatively moderate, and the loot-to-zombie ratio is also moderate.

Business district

The business district is located in the center of town, and is where the best loot is located. Zombie populations in this district tend to be moderate to high, with zombie populations mostly centered around the Knox Military Apartments. The amount of zombies inside the apartment complex should not be underestimated. Significant noise outside the apartments can and will cause zombies from higher floors to flock down and out of the building to investigate. Other than that, the loot to zombie ratio is high.


  • The greatest danger in March Ridge is underestimating the Knox Military Apartments. Do not attempt to clear it without significant preparation.
  • It is not possible to spawn in March Ridge without the use of mods. If venturing here from another town, always bring extra supplies for the trip.
  • There is a large amount of firearms to be found here, making March Ridge a great place to level the aiming and reloading skills.
  • While March Ridge is a small town, all the buildings look extremely similar, making it surprisingly easy to get lost.
  • Most characters and builds will be effective in March Ridge.


Community services

Business Type Coordinates
Church Church 10328x12789
March Ridge Community Center Community center 10034x12733
March Ridge School School 10000x12656
Post office Post office 10108x12714

Retail & Commercial

Business Type Coordinates
Filigree Fashions Clothing store 10073x12816
Hit Vids! Video rental store 10164x12733
Nourish Food Mart Supermarket 10142x12786
Hair salon Hair salon 10183x12817
24 Hour Essentials Gas station 10138x12784
Laundromat Laundromat 10183x12782
Superklean Laundromat 10184x12731
ABCDriving School School/office 10073x12784
Office unit Office 10183x12791
United Shipping Logistics Office 10073x12776

Restaraunts & Entertainment

Business Type Coordinates
Bar Bar 10172x12674
Mendy's Eatery Restaurant 10130x12754
Go 2 Bread Bakery 10073x12802
Restaurant Restaurant 10103x12745
Seahorse Coffee Cafe 10183x12807
Movie theater Cinema theater 10173x12643


Business Type Coordinates
Family Medical Center Clinic 10159x12753
Pharmahug Pharmacy 10143x12752


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