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Marina Siu-Chong

Mash Potato
Residence Toronto, Canada
Other names Mash Potato
Occupation Illustrator, Artist & Co-Founder of The Indie Stone
Known for Project Zomboid
Beauties and Beasts
A Cure for the Common Cold
Website Crabshack Gallery


Before The Indie Stone & CGEmpire

Marina Siu-Chong, also known as MashPotato or MashPotassium, was originally a patron of a community called CGEmpire that was run by game developers such as Chris Simpson, Andy Hodgetts & Nick Cowen. As time went by on CGEmpire she became friends with the group, and eventually began working on games with them as well. CGEmpire was originally a place for members who needed help to break through into the games industry, or help in pursuing projects of their own. The residents originally included Chris Simpson, Nick Cowen & Andy Hodgetts as resident experts. The other residents were Andy Taylor, Joseph B. Hall, Nikolas Sideris, Stuart Sowerby & David West.[1] Some of the members of The Indie Stone, most notably Marina were also active participants on the AGS forums.[2] CGEmpire eventually closed down, and the group moved on to form The Indie Stone, moving onto one of their first game developments, PAWS.

The Beginning of The Indie Stone

Once The Indie Stone was formed, Marina and the rest of the group started working on their first tile from the Studio, PAWS. The game was originally announced in March of 2009, however was eventually shelved and cancelled on March 2011, around about 2 years after the announcement on Marina's blog. The eventual decision came down to unhappiness with the XNA game engine, and the fact money and time was now a bigger issue than ever for The UK bunch of TIS.[3] So, unfortunately, the project was no more. This eventually led the group to create the game Project Zomboid with plans of releasing in an alpha state to help earn money to pay for the rent. Marina was originally not working with the group full time, but helped with the inventory icons and environmental tiles with Andy Hodgetts. Some time after the success of Project Zomboid, she became a full time member of TIS.


Marina Siu-Chong remains a full time member of The Indie Stone and developer for Project Zomboid. She still provides works with inventory icons and environment tiles, and helps with the overall design and artwork of the game. She also helps maintain the @theindiestone twitter account.

Notable Other Works

Marina Siu-Chong has not only done work on Project Zomboid & PAWS, but has done work on other personal game projects, as well as work for other indie game groups. One of the first games she is believed to of worked on / made was the point and click adventure A Cure For The Common Cold made in 2007 using the Adventure Game Studio engine. Her follow up game Beauty & Beasts was also made using the AGS engine in 2008, but was made as part of the One Room, One Week competition. The game won the AGS award for Best Short Game. The games can be downloaded here.

She has also worked on Time Gentleman, Please! in 2009 in a minor role, working on the "Previously On" graphics. She also had a minor role with the game Resonance, released in 2012 for work on some portraits.[4]