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PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about the crafting skill. For a general guide to vehicles, see Vehicles Guide.
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Mechanics is a crafting skill allowing the player to scrap, repair and modify various parts of vehicles.

Mechanics Guide

Step 1: Character Creation

During character creation, choosing an occupation and traits will provide the player with some skill levels, but it will also give an experience boost to that skill depending on the starting level. This bonus cannot be gained after the character is created, making this an important step in mastering any skill.
Starting Skill Level and Experience Boost

Level 0 - 25% (Default for all skills)
Level 1 - +75% (100%)
Level 2 - +100% (125%)
Level 3+ - +125% (150%)


Name Starting Points Major Skills Description
-4 +3 Mechanics Familiar with the maintenance and repair of all vehicle models on the roads of Kentucky.


Name Cost Description Notes
Amateur Mechanic
Amateur Mechanic
-5 +1 Mechanics Has a detailed knowledge of common and commercial vehicle models, and repairs.

Step 2: Collecting Materials


Recipe Magazines

Other Useful Items

Step 3: The Mechanic Window

Start scrapping to level up. Note that success or failure has little effect on XP gain; you can continually try and fail to remove or install delicate parts like brakes or suspension and still level effectively. In fact, that repeated failure is the best way to learn. Choose a sacrificial vehicle to practice upon; it won't be working when you're done with it, but you can level up for a long time by repeatedly installing and removing components until you're confident enough of your skills to try working on a vehicle you care about.

Step 4: Metalworking

Main article: Metalworking

Parts of vehicles can be repaired using the metalworking skill.

Car wrecks (burnt cars) can be dismantled, gathering metal materials depending on the player's metalworking skill.

Step 5: Hit & Run

Build your ultimate machine and run over some zombies

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