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This page contains a list of metal items.

Item list

Icon Name Weight Base ID
Aluminum.png Aluminum 0.1 Base.Aluminum
BarbedWire.png Barbed Wire 1 Base.BarbedWire
ElectricWire.png Electric Wire 1 Radio.ElectricWire
PaintbucketEmpty.png Empty Paint Bucket 0.5 Base.PaintbucketEmpty
PopEmpty.png Empty Pop Can 0.1 Base.PopEmpty
TinCanEmpty.png Empty Tin Can 0.2 Base.TinCanEmpty
MetalBar.png Metal Bar 1.5 Base.MetalBar
MetalTube.png Metal Pipe 1 Base.MetalPipe
Pipe.png Metal Pipe 0.3 Base.Pipe
SheetMetal.png Metal Sheet 1.5 Base.SheetMetal
ScrapMetal.png Scrap Metal 0.1 Base.ScrapMetal
MetalSheetSmall.png Small Metal Sheet 0.4 Base.SmallSheetMetal
UnsableMetal.png Unusable Metal 1 Base.UnusableMetal
WeldingRods.png Welding Rods 0.3 Base.WeldingRods
Wire.png Wire 0.2 Base.Wire

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