Mildew Spray

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Mildew Spray
GardenSpray Model.png
Moodle Icon HeavyLoad.png
Empty: 0.3
Full: 1.0
Farming cure
10 units
Item ID

Mildew spray is used to cure diseased farming plants. To make Mildew Spray the player needs an empty gardening spray can and milk.


To craft Mildew Spray the player needs either the gardening trait, farmer profession or having read The Farming Magazine to craft it. Even rotten milk can be used to make Mildew Spray.

Product Ingredients Tools Requirements Workstation XP
TZ GardeningSprayCan.png
Mildew Spray
TZ GardeningSprayCan.png Gardening Spray Can (Empty) ×1
Milk.png Milk ×1
Profession farmer2.png
Farmer occupation
The Farming Magazine
none none


The loot distributions can be found in the table(s) below.

GardeningSprayEmpty distribution Show / Hide
Effective chance calculations are based off of default loot settings, and median zombie density. The higher the density of zombies in an area, the higher the effective chance of an item spawning. Chance is also influenced by the lucky and unlucky traits.
Building/Room Container Effective chance
Farmer crate 15.1%
Farmer metal_shelves 15.1%
closet crate 15.1%
closet crate 23.28%
factory crate 15.1%
factory metal_shelves 15.1%
farmstorage crate 15.1%
farmstorage metal_shelves 15.1%
garagestorage crate 15.1%
garagestorage crate 23.28%
gardenstore counter 23.28%
gardenstore metal_shelves 23.28%
gardenstore shelves 23.28%
generalstore metal_shelves 15.1%
generalstore shelves 15.1%
generalstorestorage metal_shelves 15.1%
generalstorestorage shelves 15.1%
gigamart shelves 15.1%
kitchen counter 15.1%
livingroom counter 15.1%
producestorage metal_shelves 23.28%
shed crate 15.1%
storageunit crate 15.1%
storageunit crate 23.28%
storageunit metal_shelves 15.1%
toolstore metal_shelves 15.1%
toolstore shelves 15.1%
toolstorestorage metal_shelves 15.1%
warehouse crate 15.1%
warehouse metal_shelves 15.1%


Code icon.png Code snippet! This section contains source code from Project ZomboidShow / Hide

Source: ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\farming.txt

Retrieved: Build 41.78.16
item GardeningSprayMilk
  	    DisplayCategory = Gardening,
    	Type				=		Drainable,
		DisplayName			=		Mildew Spray,
		Icon				=		TZ_GardeningSprayCan,
		Weight				=		1.0,
    	UseDelta			=		0.1,
    	ReplaceOnDeplete 	= 		GardeningSprayEmpty,
	    UseWhileEquipped	=	    false,
    	StaticModel = GardenSpray,
    	WorldStaticModel = GardenSprayGround,