Military Research Facility

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Military Research Facility
Military Research Facility
External view of the Military Research Facility.
Laboratory/research facility
Forests west of Rosewood
Floor count
2 floors
1 stairways
53 spaces

The Military Research Facility is a secret research lab hidden within the woods near Rosewood.


The main building of the facility contains one story. The main floor largely consists of several offices, lounges, and storage rooms. There is also an infirmary and what appear to be parts of a laboratory. In the smaller building, there is a storage room and a stairwell that leads up to another office. A dysfunctional elevator can also be found in the southern wing, although there isn't a second floor above the elevator. This strongly implies that there is an underground level to the facility, which might be added with the new basement feature coming in build 42.


The building itself does not contain much loot. Despite the building containing zombified soldiers, there is not a large number of weapons located inside the building. There is one room with military equipment, with four military lockers that can spawn guns and one ammo box. There are also two containers that can spawn regular pistols near the entrance. The loot is not more than a regular gun shop, however.


  • It is highly recommended that players bring a vehicle and extra supplies due to the long travel distance.
  • The facility is swarming with zombies, some of which are former soldiers. These soldier zombies often have highly sought-after loot, examples of which include military backpacks and a wide variety of firearms.
  • It is not recommended for inexperienced players to attempt to loot the facility due to its isolation from the rest of the map and the high concentration of zombies. Even with good preparation, the player can quickly become overwhelmed due to the limited escape options.
  • To access the facility, players must traverse through a series of dirt roads located in the large woods west of Rosewood. Be prepared to backtrack, as there are several branches of these roads that lead to nowhere. Use the map to avoid becoming disoriented and lost.


The facility is shrouded in mystery, and is a major conspiracy theory and plot element in the story of Project Zomboid. The VHS tape conspiracy crap??? gives the player insight regarding the facility. It states that the facility's employees leave early in the morning, before even most of Rosewood's population is awake. The tape also mentions various conspiracy theories, both in the real world and the game world, and attempts to link the facility to them. The tape also mentions that the facility appears on maps as a restricted zone, but currently there is no in-game map that shows this, and the facility is omitted from the Rosewood map that can be found in game.

While it is currently unknown whether this facility contributed to the Knox Event outbreak, it is highly likely to play a significant role in the lore of the Knox Infection as it is developed in future updates to the game.


  • One VHS tape mentions the "secret" military base, which may have been recorded 1 month or even weeks before the Knox Event began, since it mentions the bad smell in the air noticed in Muldraugh and obviously that it was already in other places in the rural area.


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