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License Info

By purchasing Project Zomboid, you are permitted to:

  • Change the base files in any way you like, provided that those changes do not result in the game being playable without purchasing.
  • Distribute the files in any way as you like, providing the files you distribute are not useable by themselves, or accompanied with freely available downloadable files, to play the game without purchasing.
  • Use art, music, video footage or intellectual property of Project Zomboid for creative purposes in any way you like, providing the end result is related in some way to Project Zomboid, states Project Zomboid as its influence and origin, and is for non-commercial use only.

You are not permitted to:

  • Modify the demo in any way beyond cosmetic graphical/sound/musical changes.
  • Modify the base files to include malicious code.

How To Install/Play Mods

Mod menu

To get a full tutorial on how to install mods, see [RoboMat's tutorial on the forums].

To start a mod up, first make sure the mod is installed in the correct directory. Once you have done this, start up Project Zomboid. Once you get to the main menu, down at the bottom of the screen when you see "Survival" and "Sandbox" you will also find a menu option called Mods. Click on it, which will then lead you to the mod menu.

In there you should see the list of mods that you have installed. Double click on the mod you wish to start and a green tick should appear next to the mod. Next thing to do is shut down Project Zomboid and start it up again. Once started your mod should now be ready to go. Instructions on using the mod are usually contained in README's or information in the thread.

Scripting tutorials

Current Mods

File Format Documentation

For developers or the curious, the new file formats are documented here.

Mapping Tools

Please refer to Mapping for more a more detailed explanation of the processes involved in editing and creating maps in Project Zomboid.

You can find all required mapping tools in this thread.

Mapping Tutorials

  • RingoD123's Mapping Tutorial

The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

How to Combine Map Mods

Full list of current Room Definitions

  • Thuztors Mapping Tutorial's

Mapping Tutorial's and Videos

Mapping Guide (outdated but still has tons of good info)

  • Capt_Paradox's Mapping Tutorials

VegMap to Testing Custom Map

Making rooms with the place wall tool, item spawns, ortho and more

Sliding Glass Doors, New Textures, Here's How!

  • BlackBeard's Mapping Tutorial's

How to make a map Start to Finish Full Video Tutorial

All player made Building Archives Updated 3/29/17~

  • EasyPickins Mapping Tutorial's

Custom texture packs and tile definitions

  • Cardenaglo's Mapping Tutorial's

Card's Tutorial for Terrain Generation

  • Atoxwarrior's Mapping Tutorial's (Spanish Language)

Video Tutorials mapping

Java Scripting

Java scripting refers to the modding tools originally used to create item and story mods.

Lemmy101's Modding Guide

Lua Tutorials

Basic Lua Language:

An Introduction to Lua
Variables, Assignments and Datatypes
Test Yourself Solutions
Arithmetic Operators
Relational and Boolean Operators
Concatentation and Length Operators
If Statements and Functions
Local and Global Variables
Looping Through Tables

Javadoc reference to Project Zomboid codebase


List of Item Parameters

Much of this information was supplied by forum member InnocentSam.

Parameter Name Effect / Description Example
Type Item-type, describes how the item behaves. Includes 'Food', 'Weapon', 'Drainable', 'Literature', 'Clothing' and 'Normal'. Food (steak)
Display Name The item's name as it appears displayed to the player. Axe (axe)
Icon The item's icon as it appears displayed to the player. This parameter looks inside "media/texturepacks/ui.txt" and will call any sprite with the prefix "Item_". Molotov (molotov cocktail)
Weight Item's weight, used for encumbrance. 0.1 (painkillers)
OtherHandRequire Requires a specified item to be held by the player in their second quick-slot before the item may be used. Lighter (molotov cocktail)
CanBarricade Whether the item may be used like the hammer to barricade doors and windows. Boolean (false or true)
Count The number of items which may ever be used in the game world. 8 (Ripped Sheets)
UseWhileEquipped Whether the item is used over time while it is equipped. Boolean (false or true)
UseDelta Numerical value associated with how quickly the item drains. 0.0009 (torch)
ReplaceOnUse Name of the item which replaces the current item after use. Pot (pot of soup)
IsCookable Whether the item can be cooked. Boolean (false or true)
MinutesToCook How many in-game minutes the item must be in an oven for it to cook. 50 (pot of soup)
MinutesToBurn Length of time the item must be in an oven for it to be burnt. Usually double the value of 'MinutesToCook'. 150 (steak)
HungerChange Value applied to player's current hunger points. Positive increases hunger. -20 (crisps)
DaysFresh How many days it takes for a food item to begin rotting. 2 (steak)
DaysTotallyRotten How many days it takes for a food item to become entirely rotten. 7 (carrots)
DangerousUncooked Whether the food item will negatively affect the player in an uncooked state. Boolean (false or true)
RequireInHandOrInventory Requires a specified item to be inside the player's inventory before the item may be used. CanOpener (canned soup)
Alcoholic Whether the item effects the player in a similar way to Bourbon. Boolean (false or true)
UseSelf Whether the item is consumed after use. Boolean (false or true)
MinAngle The angle that the weapon attacks, a value aprox. to 1 is going to need more accuracy with mouse than one nearer to -1. 0.88 (shotgun)
MinDamage Minimum damage the weapon will inflict. 0.7 (baseball bat)
MaxDamage Maximum damage the weapon may ever inflict. 1.0 (baseball bat)
MaxRange Maximum range the weapon is effective. 1.5 (spiked baseball bat)
MaxHitCount Maximum amount of enemies the weapon will hit at one time. 1 (hammer)
PhysicsObject Physics object used as a projectile. MolotovCocktail (molotov cocktail)
SwingAnim Name of animation which is ran when the weapon is fired/swung. Bat (baseball bat)
WeaponSprite Name of sprite, the image used to display the weapon. axe (axe)
DoorDamage Damage inflicted by the item on doors. 10 (spiked baseball bat)
MinimumSwingTime The time that takes between each swing. 15 (baseball bat)
SwingAmountBeforeImpact Requires more research. 0.2 (spiked baseball bat)
PushBackMod Distance that enemies are pushed back. 4.5 (wood planks)
KnockBackOnNoDeath Whether enemies are pushed back if they are not killed. Boolean (false or true)
SplatNumber Blood effects used when an enemy is injured by the weapon. 5 (shotgun)
SplatBloodOnNoDeath Whether an enemy injured by the weapon will bleed if they are not killed Boolean (false or true)
ImpactSound Name of sound used on impact. splat1 (axe)
SwingSound Name of sound used when firing/swinging weapon. shotgun (shotgun)
SoundVolume Defines the volume of a chosen sound. 40 (shotgun)
SoundRadius Radius in which the sound may be heard in the game world from it's point of origin. 50 (shotgun)
ToHitModifier Requires more research. 1.5 (shotgun)
NPCSoundBoost Amount that a sound is boosted when the weapon is fired by an NPC (Not player). 1.5 (shotgun)
RangeFalloff Requires more research. Boolean (false or true)
UseEndurance Whether the weapon causes exhaustion. Boolean (false or true)
ShareDamage Requires more research. Boolean (false or true)
AmmoType Item required to fire the weapon. ShotgunShells (shotgun)
Palettes Defines the clothing item's colors. Trousers_Blue/Trousers_Brown/Trousers_Grey/Trousers_White (trousers)
PalettesStart Defines the clothing item's palette prefix. Shirt_ (sweater)
BodyLocation Where the clothing item is worn. Bottoms (trousers)
SpriteName Defines the sprite displayed on the player. Shoes1 (shoes)
StressChange Value applied to player's current stress points. Positive makes the player become more stressed. -10 (newspaper)
BoredomChange Value applied to player's current boredom points. Positive increases player's boredom. -50 (book)